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Internet Law

Mobile App Development in Melbourne

12th March 2012
As enterprise-class companies and government agencies rush to develop mobile Applications, they're quickly learning that the only constant in the mobile App industry is "change". Consider terms like "iPad" and "Droid" did not exist just a few years ago, a...
Author: Ravinder Kumar
Business Law

Pegasus Infocorp Reviews | Pegasus Infocorp Software Reviews

07th March 2012
Pegasus InfoCorp is a web development, software development and mobile/ tablet applications development Company which services clients globally. They are into custom web, mobile/ tablet software development and work with their clients/ partners to deliver...
Author: Rahmanvalter
Business Law

sell ipad 2

06th March 2012
Apple rumors about the iPad 3 have started to surface so only one question remains: When exactly will the iPad 3 be released? While there might not be a firm answer to that question just yet, there is an answer if you’re planning to sell your old iPad....
Author: scottdevice82
Business Law

GTI Spindle Technology’s Solution on Unplanned Downtime

10th February 2012
Introduction This article is intended to provide an overview of the issues associated with unplanned downtime.  It is also intended to identify solutions and benefits that are available from GTI Spindle Technology’s MAP division. Problem Statement...
Author: Gti Spindle
Commercial Law

Steve Jobs' Legacy is Assured in Both Product & User Interface Design

21st November 2011
A day that all tech analysts knew was coming sooner rather than later still managed to catch the blogosphere off guard. That day of course is the resignation of Apple impresario Steve Jobs. His 1997 return to Apple as CEO after being unceremoniously expe...
Author: pidoco1
Business Law

Are Octane Cross Trainers The Best?

05th September 2011
As most of the elliptic training systems, Octane Cross Trainers will assist one in activities such as walking, running and climbing, not outdoors, but indoors. Being able to do all this plus losing some weight and keeping a high-muscle tone is one of the ...
Author: Samantha Dale
Internet Law

Microsoft and Apple 'app store' dispute

04th May 2011
Microsoft is contesting Apple's attempt to trademark the name 'App Store', claiming that the name is too generic. In 2008 Apple applied to trademark this name for its iPhone, iPad and Mac download services. However, Microsoft has asked the US Patent a...
Author: Shireen Smith

Apple’s Apps which set the trends of iPad application development

18th March 2011
Apple’s iPad has hit the stores nearly one year back. Of course, the online Apps Store was a key reason for massive success. Within ten days of release of iPad; developers started submitting their apps to Store. The iPad is the dwelling of new things to c...
Author: Shubhangi Verma
Business Law

Aplicaciones iPhone / iPad: Color Effects

17th March 2011
Color Effects The first application that we bring you this week is called Color Effects and basically used to create color effects in photographs of all kinds. Its operation is based on the total elimination of color, then gradually add colors to speci...
Author: aman
Business Law

AC-7 DSMI Server Pro and a mixer in the iPad

11th March 2011
Now, when I saw the fortune I spent on computers and appear iPad applications such as AC-7 Pro , I understand the success of the Tablet and generally from the App Store. And is that for a price of 7.99 euros we have a mixer to iPad . Not a crappy imp...
Author: aman

Make a Christmas charity donation

24th January 2011
Christmas means different things to different people. For some, it’s a religious holiday. For others, it’s about celebrating the end of year festivities with families and friends. But regardless of how or why you celebrate, there’s something special abou...
Author: Scott Jamieson
Bankruptcy Law

HTC Touch Diamond Review

17th August 2010
HTC Touch Diamond mobiles are redefining the concept of smart mobile phones with enhanced prowess of hi-tech resources that allows intuitive response to the phones with exhilarating design and agility. The mobile phone comes with a 2.8” touch screen th...
Author: JasonMarson