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Social Network conventions? - a lesson for wireframes

27th June 2012
Apparently, social media websites are the “thing” nowadays, from the ever-present Facebook to the recently launched Pinterest in 2010. Even Microsoft is lanching the new Windows Social Network. But can Microsoft really succeed in this area? For thos...
Business Law

Prototyping Software in Different Industries

23rd January 2012
Prototyping software is gaining popularity in all industries without exception. That is not so surprising. The development process, even for a small product, is often costly. In an effort to reduce process times and late reiteration cycles and, consequent...
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Four Basic Steps to Creating a Helpful Wireframe

09th January 2012
There is a lot of discussion about whether or not creating a wireframe is a necessary step in web development. Some argue that a skillful and experienced web-developer can start immediately with the code. However, creating a website without prior wirefram...
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Desktop Notifications and User Interface Design Best Practices

16th December 2011
Inspired by This is my next blog post. Ever since the explosion of smartphones and tablets the state of notifications (in terms of execution and user interface design) has come under review. The user interface design of iOS notifications was much malig...
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New User Interface Design Patterns in App Design

07th December 2011
Inspired by the Smashing Magazine blog post. Apple has long been a trendsetter in setting user interface patterns. Considering that they popularized graphical user interfaces this is hardly surprising. From the beginning Apple has been pro-active in se...
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Steve Jobs' Legacy is Assured in Both Product & User Interface Design

21st November 2011
A day that all tech analysts knew was coming sooner rather than later still managed to catch the blogosphere off guard. That day of course is the resignation of Apple impresario Steve Jobs. His 1997 return to Apple as CEO after being unceremoniously expe...
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Niehaus Wireframes and the Art of User Interface Design

14th November 2011
This article is based on Matthias Henrici's blog post on the subject of Niehaus Wireframes Wireframes, in essence, haven't changed much aesthetically since the days of paper prototyping in the mid 80s. Naturally the user interface designs (User Interfa...