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Are Octane Cross Trainers The Best?

05th September 2011
By Samantha Dale in Business Law
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As most of the elliptic training systems, Octane Cross Trainers will assist one in activities such as walking, running and climbing, not outdoors, but indoors. Being able to do all this plus losing some weight and keeping a high-muscle tone is one of the best options for people today who either work in an office leading a sedentary life, or they simply need to keep fit.

Even if, the Octane Cross Trainer is among the best products existing on the market, there is serious competition coming from other devices.

Octane Cross trainers are mainly focused on one thing, and that is keeping the body fit. The producers use highly developed technology to monitor not only the heart rates, but also the progress made during exercising. These aspects plus the futuristic look of the device is of exceptional service when it comes to purchase. Furthermore, many of the Octane trainers do not require complicated installations, as they come preassembled.

For people who do not appreciate complicated devices, this may be the best option. Basically, once the Octane Trainer has reached its destination, the user can just hop right in and exercise.

When it comes to losing weight, many people will be more delighted to participate, yet if losing weight refers to losing the weight of their wallet, not many will be so excited to drop off a few pounds. The Octane Trainer is by far one of the priciest devices, reaching even $4.700. This comes as a no surprise as the company’s products exclusively focused on elliptic cross trainers.

Yet, some other companies managed to replace all these features with features of their own, sold at much more affordable prices. Currently, Octane Cross Trainer is facing competition from other companies using more developed equipments. For example, Life Fitness device which not only uses all the systems Octane Cross does, but also allows the user to connect his iPad to the monitoring systems. All progress is registered and displayed on LCD screens, making this device appear more than just futuristic. What is even more to it, this device is $700 less than the Octane Cross Trainer, and it has multiple features, not found within the features of Octane products.

Basically, the Octane Cross Trainer is the best option for people who simply enjoy exercises, and set entertainment aside. Other devices holding high technologies such as the possibility of connecting personal systems to it and monitoring progress come at surprisingly more affordable prices, and for this reason, Octane Cross trainer may not be the best option.

On the other hand, there are several hidden options and benefits, such as the power bands set on Octane devices to maximize calories loss on the upper body side. This feature is not found in Life Fitness devices, even though it truly is a considerable advantage for the client, enabling him to lose weight uniformly.

Conclusively, Octane Cross Trainer may have some remarkable features, but these come at quite expensive prices while, on the market, there are similar devices with a much better price range, and with fantastic new features.

There is a lot of competition between companies selling elliptical cross trainers. One of the more advanced or deluxe brands are octane cross trainers.
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