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Business Law

Starting a Business: Trade marks, company names, and domains

23rd October 2011
Your business name can develop to become one of your most valuable assets, through marketing and the development of a relationship between the public and your brand. This is why it is important to protect your name from misappropriation. When you start a ...
Internet Law

Microsoft and Apple 'app store' dispute

04th May 2011
Microsoft is contesting Apple's attempt to trademark the name 'App Store', claiming that the name is too generic. In 2008 Apple applied to trademark this name for its iPhone, iPad and Mac download services. However, Microsoft has asked the US Patent a...
Copyright & Trademark

Trade mark registration: essential points to remember

28th September 2010
In 1994 the law changed and there is no longer any protection for an unregistered trade mark under the Trade Marks Act. So, if you want to stop someone using your unregistered brands, you can only do so through a different type of legal action called ‘pa...
Copyright & Trademark

What every business should know about trademarks

28th September 2010
The consistent use of a name is very important in establishing a reputation. Once a reputation is established, brand value is generated in the business name. If you have filed a patent or established a business, or developed names for product lines, the ...
Copyright & Trademark

Copyright: The common misconception

27th September 2010
Of all the IP laws, copyright is the most wide ranging in scope and application, and hence important for business owners to understand. Obviously, if yours is an industry, like music or technology, where copyright plays a central part, you will need to k...