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Aplicaciones iPhone / iPad: Color Effects

17th March 2011
By aman in Business Law
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Color Effects

The first application that we bring you this week is called Color Effects and basically used to create color effects in photographs of all kinds. Its operation is based on the total elimination of color, then gradually add colors to specific elements, so that we can highlight those areas that we want.

Effects color options are rather slim, as well as offer a palette of colors and several brush sizes, all you can do with the application is that, create works of color from any photograph.

Of course, Color Effects allows us to save the resulting image in our photo library, keeping the original image. Without doubt, an application for those looking for art in home photographs.

Photo Editor

However, if you're looking for more freedom when it comes to touch and create complex illustrations, then an application for iPad you can come in handy is Photo Editor. This time, the options are much greater. For example, in the left panel found several tools and filters that allow us to change the hue, brightness, contrast, color or amount of an image.

In addition, our photos can take a different nature to apply filters in sepia, grayscale, or even distorting the image parts.

Also, Photo Editor gives option to create borders and frames resulting upload photos to Facebook, Twitter or Picasa.

Mad Skill MX

Now to find Mad Skill MX, a motorcycle racing game for iPhone and iPad, very addictive. The dynamics of this motocross game is always the same: to win the opponent in the different circuits and we try unlocking with each win.

What is interesting and cool this game is that at each level will have different extras to overcome obstacles. Extras as propellants for time, wing to plan for big jumps ...

In addition, Mad Skill scores we do MX adventures as facing forward, backward, or horses.

4 in Raya

Another game that we bring you today is the 4-in grates. Not very innovative but it is interesting to see how the typical games of a lifetime, come to the Tablet and Touch Technology.

As a game designed for two players, 4 grated iPad offers different modes of play as a doubles matches, player vs machine or even a game mode online, via Game Center.

I guess you will not need to explain the purpose of the game, so what if I can say is that it is very useful in waiting times, airports, trains, etc.
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