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Pegasus Infocorp Reviews | Pegasus Infocorp Software Reviews

07th March 2012
By Rahmanvalter in Business Law
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Pegasus InfoCorp is a web development, software development and mobile/ tablet applications development Company which services clients globally. They are into custom web, mobile/ tablet software development and work with their clients/ partners to deliver on the work.

In this Pegasus infocorp reviews - we would like to put together some reviews from different clients of their services and their work. These are Pegasus reviews based on clients for which they have exiting projects/ ongoing relationships.

It is difficult to find a reliable company Pegasus has gained my trust through their work. Their response rate is good, something you don't find easily when it comes to outsourcing projects. We are not the easiest company to work with because our project is different yet specific. Pegasus infocorp has a strong and knowledgeable technical team and has helped us overcome many challenges. I would recommend Pegasus to anyone who looks for quality services. I would like to add that they took a few weeks to get started but after that their delivery has always been great.

We've spent quite some time trying to get the perfect application developer for our iPad app. We also tried hiring a freelancer but had to move on after waiting quite a while for output. However, after that we've hired Pegasus InfoCorp and are satified with their services. We will reach out to them again for further work. My sincere gratitude to the Pegasus InfoCorp team for their work done on the project.

Pegasus InfoCorp has been accommodating and responsive to us, and has a good team of developers behind him. I look forward to working with you on future projects

I've been requested to provide a reviews and would like to provide the same. My team has mainly dealt with their Project Manager (besides a few discussions with the two developers they had allocated for us), and he is always good to work with. He is friendly and courteous and responds promptly to any emails or phone calls. We've been very impressed by the technical ability of their team and their ability to solve complex problems.

I have to say we accomplished a lot over the past year. Please pass on my appreciation to the team for all their hard work. When we first started this project I had concerns about whether the work would get done, but by the third month I was impressed me with the work and the ability to find solutions for the site. I also appreciate how you have been in constant communication with me through this entire process. You always kept me updated on the progress of the site, and you were flexible with finding a time to speak on the phone. Even when my support time was technically completed, you and your team spent extra time trying to fix some problems we were facing on the site. This example of dedication to completing the project rather than just working during the allocated time period is a true testimony to you and your team. Despite some of the set backs and time delays we faced, I am a satisfied with the work that Pegasus InfoCorp has done.

Being small business owners, we were conscious of the cost when hiring resources on our team. We have our technical leads in our office itself, but were enticed to use overseas companies because of the cost factor for further software development resources. We've heard stories about scams with cheats and frauds claiming to be large firms and were careful in our research. Some of my team had worked with Indian IT companies and had been unhappy with the experience, from unprofessional to downright cheats/ frauds. However, we have been satisfied with Pegasus InfoCorp over the last 8 months and will continue with them in the long run. We intend to scale up our team with them down the line.

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