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How to Write

Here at Going Legal, we are looking for unique, fresh content which is informative, factual, well written and what's more-will help increase the traffic to your site. The main aim of article writing is to show the reader your expertise on a specific subject or topic. In order to do this successfully, readers will be looking at the information which you provide them with and the professional manner in which you put this across. What's more, article writing is a great way in which to advertise yourself, whether you are looking to advertise your practise, your website, or merely your expert opinion which you can do in two different ways:


The vast majority of our authors have their own websites, and in the vast majority of cases; where a reader is interested in an authors work they will want to know more, requiring their website link. With the use of article writing, your site will be easily found via other resources-not just on Going Legal but on our other article directory sites which will also display your articles.


Back links to your website will help promote it on various search engines, which means that the more an article gets used on websites, the more it will help the overall optimization of your website.

But how can you ensure you use Going Legal and article submission to your greatest advantage?

  • Article Title:
    A title can be the most imperative part of your article, as this is the first thing the reader will see when it comes to reading your article-both on Going Legal and within search engine results. Ensure your title stands out using keywords and clever wordings-ensuring that the title is never meaningless to the subject matter of the article itself. A badly structured title could potentially result in a reader skipping your article and moving on to the next one in their search.
  • Article Summary:
    The article summary is the second stage where you are able to attract the attention of the reader. The summary is simply a short breakdown of the article, showing the reader what they can expect to find within the content of the article. For this reason, you should be careful with what you decide to include in this and which words you use in order to keep the readers attention.
  • Article Content:
    The article content is primarily the core of the whole article submission process. The article provides you with the chance to include keywords to emphasise your point and help stick your message deep into the mind of the reader and also help optimize its results within search engines. You are also given the opportunity to include back links to your website. However, you should only include content which is 100% unique and is in no way violating of copyright laws. This will not only result in your article being removed, but will also sabotage your name as a respected author on both Going Legal and the web. Ensure you proof read all articles for spelling and grammar to help keep the content concise, coherent and professional sounding.
  • Author Bio:
    Your bio allows the readers to learn more about you, your professional status within the world of academics, law, etc and also allows them to contact you in some way either through your email address and/or website. If you have successfully written your article to a high standard, many readers will often want to learn more about you, so a bio is often extremely important. It also allows you further help your sites optimization through more links.