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Shubhangi Verma
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Ten Outstanding Symbian Mobile Applications

23rd March 2011
Symbian is the most trustworthy and the most used Smartphone operating systems. Nokia’s Smartphone runs on Symbian. Let us find out ten outstanding Symbian applications for your mobile phone: A. Google Search Application - Compared to conventional Googl...

Apple’s Apps which set the trends of iPad application development

18th March 2011
Apple’s iPad has hit the stores nearly one year back. Of course, the online Apps Store was a key reason for massive success. Within ten days of release of iPad; developers started submitting their apps to Store. The iPad is the dwelling of new things to c...
Business Law

iPhone Apps for Personal Financial Management

10th March 2011
To keep yourself ahead of others, you need to manage multiple activities efficiently and in a planned manner. Financial management is must for everyone, nowadays. iPhone application development has provided a solution for this with their futuristic apps. ...
Internet Law

Mobile Application Development Technology and Its Implementation Area

25th February 2011
Today Smartphone is hybrid of computer and mobile phone. Many tasks which were earlier possible only on computer can now be done on mobile phone. This has happened due to the Smartphone operating system platform and it application development environment....