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Breach of Employment Contract

27th June 2012
In the event that you believe that your employer has acted unfairly towards you or has made changes to your work or job without your agreement, then your employer could be legally liable for breach of contract. The employment law in the UK understands...
Author: Clark_Taylor
Lemon Law

Ohio's New Car Lemon Law Gets Revised in an Aftermath to the March 11 Tsunami

05th October 2011
Ohio has modified its new car lemon laws following the March 11 Tsunami in Japan. These changes in the Ohio lemon law for new cars are in response to the request made by the automakers who are finding it hard to acquire spare parts for safety repairs in t...
Author: johnkevin
Immigration Law

How A Tampa Immigration Lawyer Can Help With Adjustment Of Status Petitions

14th September 2011
Under current immigration law, many foreign nationals who come to the United States will need to adjust the type of visa they hold in order to legally remain in the U.S. For instance, foreign nationals living in the United Sates under a K-1 visa (fiancÚ v...
Author: Florida Law Group
Family Law

The Joy of An Ex - Property Division

06th June 2011
Copyright (c) 2011 Jackie Ramler The Family Law Act was passed in Ontario in March 1986. The law provides the framework for a sharing of the value of assets during a marriage for spouses who are married to each other or who have entered into a marriag...
Author: Jackie Rahmler

Documents Needed While Filing Form I-751

19th May 2011
Along with your I-751 application, you have to send a copy of your Permanent Resident Card (Alien Registration Card or green card) and a copy of the green card of any of your conditional resident children you include in your application. Send copies of bo...
Author: Samuel Beckett

Try to find Tax Liability Assistance and Avoid Income Tax Penalties on Your Current Tax Liability

28th March 2011
Consider yourself fortunate if you have never needed Tax Liability Support. Income Tax Fees and penalties are often not way behind when a taxpayer has over due Tax Debt. If you behaved in in "good faith", sometimes the tax fees and penalties can easily be...
Author: Jason.speer

The best way to Remove Conditions on Green Card?

07th March 2011
In the event you obtained the residence status via marriage to some US Citizen or Permanent Resident you have to file the form I-751 (Petition to remove Conditions on Residence). In case your dependent young children acquired conditional resident status i...
Author: Avery Whitehead

Preserve IRS Penalties From Skyrocketing Details You Require to Know

11th February 2011
Extortion Plain and Simple: IRS penalties make points fair. Soon after all, how fair is it to these who spend their taxes on time if the late filers don't get punished? But however for you, penalties have mutated into getting a way for the IRS to Extort B...
Author: joanne
Internet Law

Section 230 of the CDA and Website Immunity

16th December 2010
The Communications Decency Act, found in Section 230 of Title 47 of the US Code, was enacted in 1996 to provide website operators with immunity for third-party content. Before being enacted, there was no clear cut answer as to when a website operator woul...
Author: Aaron Kelly
Immigration Law

What Are The Top Three UK Visas In Thailand?

29th November 2010
For UK visa applications in Thailand, documents may be submitted either at the UK embassy in Bangkok or any of its consulates in Chiang Mai and Pattaya. A UK visa in Thailand is a permission to enter granted to qualified individuals. A visa does not guara...
Author: Forest Ferrell

IRS Debt Settlement Company - The Cost of Hiring Help Vs the Cost of Settling on My Own

05th July 2010
If you have tax debt problems with the IRS you are likely getting letters, calls or even visits from an IRS agent, this is a scary place to be because let's face it the IRS uses a lot of intimidation to get people to pay them. The question is whether it i...
Author: Dr. Becky Gillaspy
Bankruptcy Law

A Debt Relief Attorney Can Stall Your Creditors

27th May 2010
How can a debt relief attorney stall your creditors and stop the harassment? That's the question that many people have on their minds these days. People who in good faith incurred debts during better times have run smack up against the grim economics of t...
Author: Nick Messe
Immigration Law

The Form I-9 Battle Rages On...

27th April 2010
Because of the current worksite enforcement atmosphere it is more important than ever for employers to have a good faith compliance plan that meets the criteria set forth in this statute: INA 274A (a) (3) provides a defense for a business or person th...
Author: Ann Allott
Personal Injury

Beginning Personal Injury Negotiations

22nd March 2010
Preparation for the Negotiations As a personal injury attorney in San Francisco, I have seen parties attempt to exaggerate their claim or their injuries. This usually ends up poorly for the attorney and the client. One of the biggest problems regardi...
Author: Jason Lundberg

The Importance of Trust in an Attorney/Client Relationship

11th March 2010
I have always recognized the importance of rapport, good faith and mutual respect between a client and his/her attorney. However, it was only very recently that I came to realize just how important they are, and how significantly the psychological aspect...
Author: Mark Baer
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