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Ohio's New Car Lemon Law Gets Revised in an Aftermath to the March 11 Tsunami

05th October 2011
By johnkevin in Lemon Law
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Ohio has modified its new car lemon laws following the March 11 Tsunami in Japan. These changes in the Ohio lemon law for new cars are in response to the request made by the automakers who are finding it hard to acquire spare parts for safety repairs in their cars. The consortium of automakers sought the said amendment in the Ohio lemon law for new cars, citing parts manufacturing delays as the reason. In Japan, the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami had devastated the Japan's northeast coast on March 11. Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Suzuki, Subaru and Mitsubishi have closed all their plants in Japan for varying periods and were unable to get enough spare components from the auto parts supplier base which seems to have been hit equally hard. The March 11 earthquake and tsunami in the country have stalled production of vehicle parts in many factories, and the auto manufacturers have trouble finding replacement parts for safety repairs, four months after the disasters. They are also facing imminent shipping delays of spare parts from Japan and are in no position to make repairs or install parts for safety issues in good faith within the 30-day time period as required by the Ohio lemon law for new cars.

Ohio's erstwhile new-car lemon law stated that a new car to be declared a Ohio lemon:

* It must not be older than twelve months or register not more than 18,000 miles on the odometer, after it was delivered to the consumer.
* The problems covered by the warranty must adversely affect its use, value or safety
The vehicle must have been confined to the dealer's shop for safety repairs for a total of 30 days for the repairs of recalcitrant safety problems.

The owner of a lemon car in Ohio can claim a refund or replacement for the Ohio new lemon vehicle based on the conditions stated by the Ohio lemon law for new cars, as given above.

According to the Director of Policy and Legislation for the Ohio Attorney General's office, the calamity occurred in Japan was a huge disaster and many auto parts manufacturing and auto manufacturing plants were critically affected. If a natural disaster strikes, the Ohio lemon law for new cars allows an exemption and extends the 30 day clause for its new lemon vehicles over an indefinite period.

This revision in the Ohio lemon law for new cars offering consumer protections to buyers of Ohio's new-car lemon is approved by the new state budget. The Ohio lemon law for new car has been put into effect on the 1st of this month. The modified Ohio lemon law for new car was released with Ohioís latest two-year state budget and would extend the period an auto manufacturer gets to fix a car that is deemed a lemon. The Ohio lemon law for new cars, thus allows a huge breather for car manufacturers if a natural disaster or riot strikes and affects the spare part supply chain impeding safety repairs required in a defective vehicle.

The amended Ohio lemon law for new cars:

* Allows an unspecified amount of extra time for repairs before the car company is obliged to replace or refund the Ohio new lemon vehicle.
* Mandates the manufacturer to provide an Ohio new lemon car owner with a loaner vehicle during the wait or while his own car is being repaired for safety issues.

The president of the Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio finds the new development in Ohio lemon law for new car a very fair trade-off.

According to the spokesman for the Ohio Attorney Generalís Office:

* This kind of exemption does exist in many other states though they have been seldom used.
* The March 11 Tsunami in Japan is the first exigency, where such an exemption for the Ohio lemon law for new cars is approved by the new state budget and is put into effect.
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