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Avery Whitehead
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About Me: Hi, I am an avid article writer having a appreciation for the written word. I am at present creating my Masters dissertation for the fulfillment of the degree Master of Philosophy in Intercultural Communication. I additionally work as a marketing communications advisor for the largest monetary and healthcare system administration establishments in the country.

The best way to Remove Conditions on Green Card?

07th March 2011
In the event you obtained the residence status via marriage to some US Citizen or Permanent Resident you have to file the form I-751 (Petition to remove Conditions on Residence). In case your dependent young children acquired conditional resident status i...
Immigration Law

Health Insurance coverage For Immigrants

03rd March 2011
For new immigrants, understanding the medical care policies of their new nation may be a strange and complicated method. Medical insurance is typically pricey, and new immigrants will not have a wonderful deal of cash to begin their new lives with. Health...