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Jason Lundberg
Member Since: 09th February 2010
Occupation: Attorney
No of Articles: 11
About Me: Jason Lundberg primarily represents clients in personal injury matters and employment law and California Labor Code violations. He takes pleasure in helping his clients maneuver through, what sometimes could be considered, a
confusing and overwhelming legal system. “One of the most satisfying days I can have is a day where I can see justice served for one of my clients,” says Jason.

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Personal Injury Claims Against California Government Entities

12th August 2010
Generally the rule for bringing a law suit in regards to a personal injury matter is two years from the date of injury. However, there are many exceptions to that rule. One of the biggest exceptions to the general rule is any claim related to a government...
Personal Injury

Third Party Liability for the Criminal Acts of Others

05th May 2010
As a personal injury attorney in San Francisco, I have had the unfortunate opportunity of representing a party who was injured as a result of a crime.  This article will address when a third party is liable for a criminal act of another.  This generally...
Personal Injury

Handling an Uninsured Motorist Personal Injury Claim in California

01st April 2010
As a personal injury attorney in San Francisco, CA, I often see situations where an individual is involved in an accident with someone who has no insurance or assets. If you have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage on your policy, you may still be...
Personal Injury

Multiple Defendants In California Personal Injury Actions

30th March 2010
This article will address the dynamics involved in a personal injury lawsuit involving multiple defendants. It is extremely important to name all potential defendants in these actions. If not done so, you may face an empty chair defense. Another advant...
Accident claims

Home Owners Insurance Claims for Accident Injury

23rd March 2010
In all the controversy over home mortgages today, it is to be hoped that homeowners are not letting their homeowners' insurance lapse for lack of funds. That can be a big mistake, because even one major injury on their property can cause a homeowner to l...
Personal Injury

Beginning Personal Injury Negotiations

22nd March 2010
Preparation for the Negotiations As a personal injury attorney in San Francisco, I have seen parties attempt to exaggerate their claim or their injuries. This usually ends up poorly for the attorney and the client. One of the biggest problems regardi...
Family Law

Parental Liability for the Acts of a Minor Child

17th March 2010
As a personal injury attorney in San Francisco, CA, I occasionally have the opportunity to speak with a party regarding the injury they have suffered as a result of a child, or a teenager. The question usually asked is whether mom or dad is responsible f...

Pedestrian Injury Accidents and a Motorist Duty of Care

05th March 2010
Duty of Care Owed to Pedestrians It seems fairly obvious that a driver has a duty to use care toward pedestrians in California, as well as every other state. A pedestrian also has a duty of care towards automobiles but an operator of a motor vehicle has ...
Accident claims

Car Accident Property Loss in California

25th February 2010
When you are involved in an auto accident, the most obvious claim is for the physical injuries you suffered and the damage sustained to your car or truck from an accident. As a personal injury attorney in San Francisco, this is what I tend to deal with t...
Accident claims

How to Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

25th February 2010
How to hire a personal injury attorney. In every city and every state there are many, many personal injury attorneys. How do you know you are going to retain someone who may best represent you? There are many attorneys who will do whatever they c...
Personal Injury

Settling a Personal Injury Claim

11th February 2010
There are many benefits to settling a personal injury claim. However, claims should only be settled when it is the prudent thing to do, namely if there are no long term or permanent injuries. In order to effectively understand the settlement process, your...