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What Are The Top Three UK Visas In Thailand?

29th November 2010
By Forest Ferrell in Immigration Law
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For UK visa applications in Thailand, documents may be submitted either at the UK embassy in Bangkok or any of its consulates in Chiang Mai and Pattaya. A UK visa in Thailand is a permission to enter granted to qualified individuals. A visa does not guarantee entry though since sole discretion lies with the consular officers.

On the other hand, the UK Border Agency is responsible for the approval and denial of the applications. To accommodate the large volume of Thai applicants, the agency works with VFS, a commercial company that provides assistance. VFS acts as a support system that facilitates online appointments and visa payments.

Thais normally have high success rates in visa approvals. Except for settlement visas, almost all visa applications can be accomplished in 10 days, provided that all documentary requirements are complete.

There are several types of UK visa in Thailand that differ mainly in the purpose of the visit. The following are types usually applied for by Thais:

UK fiancÚ visa

This UK visa in Thailand permits the Thai fiancÚ to enter UK and stay there for a total of 6 months. Within the same period, the couple is expected to marry.

A major advantage of this visa is its relatively easy processing. Unmarried couples simply need to prove that the relationship is genuine and entered into in good faith. They are not required to show that they have been together for a certain period of time-a requirement often asked from UK spouse visa applicants.

The only obligation of holders of this visa is to remain in UK for two years in order to be eligible for the Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). Issuance of the ILR shows that the holder is already a permanent resident.

UK spouse visa
Interracial marriages are normal in Thailand; thus explains the demand for the UK spouse visa. If the married couple has been staying outside UK for at least four years, the Indefinite Leave to Enter or ILE may be granted to the Thai spouse. ILE is similar to the ILR, except that the former is given to applicants residing outside UK.

The approval and issuance of this UK visa in Thailand enables the Thai spouse to bring their dependents and gain access to social services such as healthcare and education. They are also allowed to work in the UK.

Visitor visa
Another popular UK visa in Thailand is the visitor visa. In general, there are three types of visitors. General visitors include Thai tourists who seek entry purely for leisure and recreation purposes while professionals such as media practitioners, religious workers, consultants, trainees, secondees, film crews and those that are travelling for short business trips are categorized as business visitors.

Lastly, special visitors include those who seek medical treatment, intend to study in the UK and those who are in transit.

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