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Immigration Law

How NOT to Ask for Documents

27th January 2011
The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) prohibits employers from asking for more documentation from employees than required.  Hence, the thought process of "if some is good, more is better" can be damaging and result in serious fines and penalties for b...
Immigration Law

U.S. Citizenship and the Fourteenth Amendment

22nd September 2010
The Fourteenth Amendment provides all people born on U.S. soil are United States Citizens. Most countries in the Western Hemisphere provide the same criteria for citizenship. Universally, there are 3 different ways in which countries provide for citizen...
Immigration Law

Employers Are Facing Increasing Form I-9 Penalties

18th May 2010
Employers are facing increasing pressure not to employ illegal or undocumented workers. Company management needs to recognize that hiring only American citizens and authorized workers is a sound business practice. But sometimes the details of Form I-9, E...
Immigration Law

The Form I-9 Battle Rages On...

27th April 2010
Because of the current worksite enforcement atmosphere it is more important than ever for employers to have a good faith compliance plan that meets the criteria set forth in this statute: INA 274A (a) (3) provides a defense for a business or person th...
Employment Law

ICE Is Turning the Heat Up

12th April 2010
ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) intensified its nationwide push to dramatically increase efforts to combat unlawful employment of illegal aliens. On March 11th, ICE arrested 29 undocumented workers at two Maryland restaurants.According to Willia...