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Bankruptcy Law

The need of party wall agreements

11th July 2012
A celebration wall agreement can be a document that is definitely created by surveyors for home owners. Owners must have adjoining property to get the agreement completed. It might often be walls, fences or perhaps in case of storied buildings a roof in a...
Author: Turfrite Land Scaping
Personal Injury

How to Get the Best Representation From A Personal Injury Attorney

03rd October 2011
When people file a lawsuit for personal injury claims, they frequently hire an attorney to give them the best possible chance at winning the case. When most people decide to sue, or become plaintiffs, they do not know what is involved, only that their att...
Author: Art Jones
Immigration Law

Are you keen on Canadian Citizenship?

28th September 2011
Canada, the name at once conjures up the image of a stunningly beautiful destination, which is just too good for the immigration purposes. Lately, attention has shifted to the matter of the much sought after citizenship of the country. A report suggests t...
Author: Abhinav Visas and Immigration Services
Accident claims

Advice following an accident

29th June 2011
Unfortunately accidents do happen and for those lucky few who escape injury the experience can be filed in the mishap box. However, for most, an injury will be a natural consequence of any accident, be it a car accident, accident at work or an accident wh...
Author: Christopher
Medical Malpractice

Failed Sterilisation

28th June 2011
Copyright (c) 2011 Julie Glynn If you decide your family is complete, you may opt to have a sterilisation, an operation that results in a permanent method of contraception for women. While it is relatively simple operation that is considered reliabl...
Author: Julie Glynn
Immigration Law

Colorado Immigration Attorney Discusses 3 of the Top Concerns With the Family Immigration Process

10th June 2011
Three of the most pressing concerns affecting immigrants in the U.S., relating to family-based immigration cases, are: (1) people wanting to know what their options are when applying for their spouse, (2) the process of applying for a finance/fiancée, an...
Author: Immigration Lawyer Denver

Can I Claim For An Accident At Work If There Were No Witnesses?

27th May 2011
Copyright (c) 2011 Nicholas Jervis Accidents in the workplace happen for a variety of reasons but if you have had an accident at work and there were no witnesses to the accident you may be wondering whether you can make a claim for injury compensation....
Author: Nicholas Jervis
Immigration Law

Green Card Renewal - Guidebook and Suggestions

17th May 2011
All recent green cards have a date on them when they need to be renewed. It is really essential to make sure that you renew your green card before the expiration date. A great notion is to mark the date on the calendar that your card expires. Some individ...
Author: tierra
Immigration Law

K1 Visa Thailand Interview Questions from the US Embassy

21st February 2011
The K1 Visa interview at the US Embassy in Thailand will make anyone nervous. But understanding what the consular officer is looking for will make an applicant really feel at ease and confident.What are they searching for?The Consular Officers of US Embas...
Author: Howard Barron
Immigration Law

How you can Apply for a K1 US Visa inside the Philippines

21st February 2011
A Filipino who is engaged to an American citizen might enter the United States using a K1 US Visa or popularly referred to as the fiancée visa. This can be a kind of visa issued to a non-American who's engaged to become married to an American citizen.A K1...
Author: Jon Raymond

Understanding Your Role in an Injury Suit

07th January 2011
Injuries, if serious, can hamper the flow of an individual’s, and their close ones, life. If someone, other than the victim, was responsible for the injury, it is better to consider suing him/her on grounds of liability. Tennessee laws give the victim, an...
Author: Jorjina
Copyright & Trademark

Use IP Lawyers to Protect International Patents

05th January 2011
If you are thinking about getting involved in an international business using patented, copyrighted or trademarked products or ideas then you should seriously consider hiring intellectual property or IP lawyers who have experienced in this area. Indeed...
Author: Tim Bishop
Real Estate Law

Internet is the newest way to carry on the personal 'homes for sale' surveys

30th November 2010
There was a revolution in the past five years in the industry of the immovable property. This they call is the Internet. Now, the buyers sit at their tables and are examining houses in the Internet. Transferring your house for sale will be able to ensure ...
Author: Seowork011
Immigration Law

Fiancee visa - What it Takes to Get the K1 Visa

10th November 2010
Fiancee visa - What it Takes to Get the K1 Visa If you are a citizen of the United States, then you definitely have the right to marry your fiancee in your country and live with her there for all time. But first, you have to get a K1 fiancee visa by g...
Author: fianceevisa
Personal Injury

What to Do When a Car Accident Occurs

13th October 2010
Car accident is probably the most common incident in each and every American’s life. It is unfortunate but it is true that every American becomes the victim of car accident at least once in a life time. Car accidents are nothing uncommon in Ohio. In fact ...
Author: John Nash
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