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What to Do When a Car Accident Occurs

13th October 2010
By John Nash in Personal Injury
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Car accident is probably the most common incident in each and every American’s life. It is unfortunate but it is true that every American becomes the victim of car accident at least once in a life time. Car accidents are nothing uncommon in Ohio. In fact they are major reason causing severe injury and death in Ohio. Car accidents can occur as a result of reckless driving, drunk driving, using mobiles while driving, breaking traffic rules, not wearing seat belts. While at times car accidents take place because of the drivers, they can also occur as a result of the negligent action of the pedestrians.

You should know what to do and what not to do when a car accident takes place. Here are a few effective tips that you can follow.

Dos of Car Accidents:

• When a car accident occurs your first duty is to seek medical help even if you feel you are fine. It has been seen that internal injuries are not evident immediately but they are discovered later on. Hence you should see a doctor immediately after an accident has taken place. Tell the doctor exactly what has happened. Exaggerating the story can mislead the doctor.

• Many people think that revisiting the doctor is not necessary. But if your doctor has recommended a second visit don’t ignore. Remember to keep the prescription safely. Showing it can help you to get compensation in future.
• Make sure all your medical bills are ready to be submitted to the insurance company. Your insurance company will pay only after your case is settled. Therefore it is important that you keep all the documents safely. Don’t be careless and misplace any document.
• If possible you should also take snaps of the damaged parts of your car after the accident has taken place. Submitting those photographs in court is a good thing as visual evidence will strengthen your case.
• Hire an Ohio car accident attorney to represent you in the court.

It is not at all good practice to discuss the accident with everyone. Try not to disclose any detail until you talk your lawyer. Make sure not to sign any authorization letter allowing anybody to speak or take any action on your behalf. Follow the guidance offered by your lawyer and you are sure to win the case.
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