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How to Get the Best Representation From A Personal Injury Attorney

03rd October 2011
By Art Jones in Personal Injury
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When people file a lawsuit for personal injury claims, they frequently hire an attorney to give them the best possible chance at winning the case. When most people decide to sue, or become plaintiffs, they do not know what is involved, only that their attorney can help. There are many things a plaintiff can do to help their personal injury lawyer in presenting and handling their case. Here are some tips that will help a plaintiff get the best representation from their personal injury attorney.

Be Honest
Civil suits are usually more involved than people expect. The opposing side will delve into the personal life of the plaintiff and everyone connected to the case. Depending on the type of case, it most likely will uncover very personal details, from medical and mental conditions to marital status and the whereabouts of family members and potential witnesses. Being honest and up front about everything, even the embarrassing details of life, will help the personal injury lawyer in the long run. Even though information may seem trivial or humiliating, it can sometimes make a big difference in the outcome of the case.

Making sure the lawyer knows about possible curveballs before they are thrown affects and improves the case strategy, whatever it may be.

Cooperate Fully
Personal injury attorneys and their assistants ask a lot of questions and request a lot of information. Clients who want to get the most out of the lawsuit will answer all questions promptly and fully and provide any documentation requested, even if it appears to harm the case. The more cooperation the civil suit attorney receives from their client, the better prepared they are for the case. There are a number of things that the plaintiff knows that no one else does. One important part of the process is for counsel to learn all of the facts and factors in a case through documentation, photographs, medical records and speaking to witnesses.

Communicate Through the Lawyer
Once someone has hired a personal injury attorney, they should only communicate with the other side through their lawyer. The attorney’s contact information should be given out as needed. When there is only one contact and one voice, it is more difficult for the opposing counsel and their clients to play games and derail the lawsuit.

Be Punctual
It is important to be punctual for all appointments, whether it is with the lawyer or his assistant, the insurance company or for court. While being on time may not be important in some social circles, it is very important in the legal arena. This is true not only for appointments, but for filing deadlines, bill payment, and responding to written questions and requests for information.

By following the above guidelines, it gives the civil litigation and personal injury lawyer the best chance to present a solid case without any surprises. This gives the plaintiff the best opportunity to win the case or settle out of court for the best possible outcome.
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