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How you can Apply for a K1 US Visa inside the Philippines

21st February 2011
By Jon Raymond in Immigration Law
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A Filipino who is engaged to an American citizen might enter the United States using a K1 US Visa or popularly referred to as the fiancée visa. This can be a kind of visa issued to a non-American who's engaged to become married to an American citizen.
A K1 Visa Philippines can be a non-immigrant visa for the US permitting the holder to marry an American citizen inside of ninety days upon arriving in the United States. The visa can be a single-entry visa which means that a Filipino who leaves the United States without marrying his fiancée is not permitted to re-enter the nation. She need to file for another visa if she wishes to go back towards the United States. You will find nevertheless demands to be met through the Filipino and her American fiancée.

To apply for your K1 US Visa, these are particular requirements that want to become met, these kinds of as:

o The petitioner have to be an American Citizen (under American Immigration Law, a green card holder or an resident immigrant while in the United usually are not permitted to petition for that fiancée visas)

o Each parties should be legally capable of marry. She/he possibly could possibly be single, widowed, annulled or divorced.
o The two parties will need to have met encounter to face inside the very last two years and need to exhibit the presence of the serious romantic relationship. This could be established by photographs, videos, cellphone conversation or comparable documents that indicate each events have met one another inside the last two many years.
o He/She ought to present that he/she intends to marry his/her fiancée
o The petitioner must be financially eligible to meet the revenue requirement of 125% from the present poverty level
o The Filipino fiancée must not have any prior criminal document or violation of immigrations laws

The technique entails the following actions.

one. 1st, the petitioner should file a I-129F petition (Fiancée Visa Petition) in any of two USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) places while in the United States.
2. As soon as the petition has become authorized, the USCIS sends it to your National Visa Center (NVC) which forwards the petition to the US Embassy in Manila. This process usually will take 4-6 months.

three. The Filipino fiancée is notified by letter and can call to routine an appointment with all the Embassy. She gets instructions how to apply for a K1 US Visa which includes a completing a necessary healthcare examination from your accredited wellbeing clinic and paying the non-refundable application charge.
four. The applicant appears within the US Embassy in Manila for that scheduled visa interview, in addition to the following necessary paperwork

o A valid Philippine passport issued inside 6 months from the date of your petition
o Birth Certificate (NSO copy)
o In the event the Filipino fiancée was previously married, a duplicate with the death certificate, annulment decree or divorce decree has to be submitted
o NBI Clearance and Police Clearance from all of the countries exactly where the applicant had lived for the very last six months
o Evidence of your romantic relationship with all the petitioner
o Evidence of Health-related Examination and Vaccinations (from your accredited St. Luke's Health-related Middle Extension Clinic)
o Evidence of fiscal assistance (Form I-134, Affidavit of Assistance might be requested.)
o Evidence of approval to marry should you or your fiancée are matter to any age restrictions
o Two Non immigrant Visa Applications, Form DS-156 (A Form DS-156, ready in duplicate.)
o 1 Non-immigrant K1 Fiancée Visa Application, Form DS-156K
o Two Visa photographs

The US consular officer in Manila determines the applicant's eligibility for the K-1 Visa based around the interview, paperwork submitted by the applicant and any related information accessible to the Embassy. If the application is authorized, the visa will probably be delivered in 7-10 days. If discovered ineligible for issuing the visa, the applicant will be supplied a written refusal sheet that explains how the fiancee visa refusal could be conquer.
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