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Understanding Your Role in an Injury Suit

07th January 2011
By Jorjina in Law
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Injuries, if serious, can hamper the flow of an individualís, and their close ones, life. If someone, other than the victim, was responsible for the injury, it is better to consider suing him/her on grounds of liability. Tennessee laws give the victim, and their near ones, the right to file an injury suit for damage recovery.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds. You have to prove the existence of the duty to care, the breach of this duty, the occurrence of injury, the consequences and the relation between the breach and the injury. All this is possible only if you have the assistance of a capable injury attorney.

Before you get in touch with an attorney, here is a quick checklist of your responsibilities. This dos and doníts could help your case.

Do try to accumulate as much relevant evidence as possible regarding the incident. Suppose your injuries were a result of a car crash in Gate City. Get the names and contact details of everyone involved as well as the witnesses. Get reports of the accident, photographs of the site and vehicles, et al.

Do maintain all your medical records post your injury. Keep all prescriptions, bills, and other documents in a separate file. Ask your employer for a letter stating the lost wages and benefits because of the injury as well. Your attorney needs to have these when assessing the amount of damages.

Donít give any insurance adjuster any statement, oral or written. Even if you think that what the insurance company is offering covers your initial costs, get an attorney to evaluate this first. Many a times, the consequences of an injury are not so apparent. After you agree to a settlement, it would be of no use to come up with new claims.

Donít try to tackle the legal action on your own. Without necessary knowledge and experience, you would never be able to understand or interpret the laws of the state. Moreover, you do not have any idea about how to go about the assessment of the damages according to the laws.

Donít delay in consulting a Gate City injury attorney immediately. Tennessee laws give you only one year to file a case. You can file a case after the statute of limitations is over, however, the chances for adequate damage recovery diminishes in such a situation. Timely legal help is, therefore, of utmost importance.

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