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K1 Visa Thailand Interview Questions from the US Embassy

21st February 2011
By Howard Barron in Immigration Law
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The K1 Visa interview at the US Embassy in Thailand will make anyone nervous. But understanding what the consular officer is looking for will make an applicant really feel at ease and confident.
What are they searching for?

The Consular Officers of US Embassy in Bangkok will usually verify in the event the applicant is certified to be issued the requested K1 visa. The following are mainly screened prior to the filing of your petition:

- If the petitioner is really a U.S. Citizen.
- The intention to marry inside of ninety days from entry towards the U.S.
- If the two events are totally free from any legal impediment to marry, and
- Have met one another a minimum of the moment within the final 2 years prior to filing with the petition.

The meeting requirement may possibly only be waived if there's a rigid and long- established customs of possibly few prevents them from personally meeting one another, or that this kind of requirement could be as well burdensome around the a part of the petitioner.

Proof of correspondence together with the Thai fiancée these kinds of as really like letters and copy of emails, too as photographs will help in proving there is certainly a bona fide partnership. These might be brought together with other supporting paperwork.

Possible Interview Questions

Taking note of the above pointed out criteria will serve as a guide to possible questions that could be asked. The succeeding are couple of concerns typically asked by US Immigration officers.

a. How did you meet your fiancé / fiancée?
b. Exactly where do you stay and what's your occupation?
c. In which did you get engaged?
d. How extended are you currently engaged?
e. Exactly where are you currently finding married?
f. What does your fiancée do to get a residing?
g. Exactly where does your fiancée stay?

Be truthful and exact with your response. The officials in the US Embassy in Bangkok are trained at figuring out the habits of people that are getting deceptive. You need to strategy forward and publish down your responses prior to the interview. Practice speaking in front of the mirror or role-play the Fiancee visa interview with a friend. This may assist you to experience more confident throughout your actual interview for that K-1 visa Thailand.

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