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Are you keen on Canadian Citizenship?

28th September 2011
By Abhinav Visas and Immigration Services in Immigration Law
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Canada, the name at once conjures up the image of a stunningly beautiful destination, which is just too good for the immigration purposes. Lately, attention has shifted to the matter of the much sought after citizenship of the country. A report suggests that every year more than 250,000 people from across the world make a move to the country, with nearly 170,000 of them successfully making the cut and taking the citizenship oath afterwards.

How to get Canadian Citizenship?

Those who get the Canadian Citizenship are regarded rather lucky. How to get it? To start with, one must become a permanent resident of the country. Before applying for citizenship, it is recommended that they stay there for three out of the four years. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) enables individuals to apply for citizenship after they have lived in the nation for three years out of the four years soon before submitting their application forms.

One must also master either French or English. Getting knowledge of the country is also something which is highly recommended. Sail through a test on the rights and responsibilities of the citizens. The interested person must also collect relevant information on the subjects of political system and history. Besides, the applicants must lay his hands on the Canadian Citizenship forms.

Before completing the applications forms, they are advised to read properly the guide that one gets with the application forms. They must deposit the application fees and also get receipt for it. Talking about fees, $200 is the cost to apply for citizenship of for an adult. It's $100 for a child below 18. They should also arrange for two photographs and ink their signatures beneath the snaps. Later, the photographs must be neatly put into an envelope.

Also, they must put their signatures, besides the right date, on the forms of application. Later, they should attach all the essential documents to the application forms. This includes a copy of their record involving landing, copies of two pieces of credentials, apart from the two photographs of citizenship. Afterwards, the application forms must be sent to the given address and then the senders must keep their fingers crossed even while they hope for the best.

Getting Canadian Citizenship is not easy but it is not very tough either. With the right approach, and the right documents, the applicants can, and should, get the elusive citizenship of the dream destination called Canada.

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