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Important to be a green card holder to apply for US citizenship!

12th November 2011
Immigration status referred to as lawful permanent residency authorizes a person on a permanent basis to live and work in the US. The INS Form I-151 formerly Alien Registration Card or Alien Registration Receipt Card, now referred to as United States Perm...
Author: Nancy
Immigration Law

What Does The USCIS (Formerly the INS) Do?

18th May 2011
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the federal agency that manages lawful immigration to the US. The USCIS is a component of the Department of Homeland Security. On March 1, 2003, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) off...
Author: Paul Anderson
Immigration Law

All About INS

06th April 2011
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly the INS) is the official government agency that manages the entire immigration related matters in the United States. The United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) were earlier kno...
Author: Paul Anderson
Immigration Law

What is the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?

23rd March 2011
The Unites States of America is often described as a "Melting Pot". Folks from all over the globe immigrate right here in search of a better lifestyle for on their own and/or their families. Other people arrive here looking for an advanced education at ou...
Author: Richard Heins

American Laws

21st March 2011
Immigration signifies the motion of a foreign individual right into a country to reside on a permanent foundation. Each person who wish to enter a region should seek out permission to enter the region and abide through the law. The immigration law refers ...
Author: Alan Wilzig
Immigration Law

Are you currently Required to Renew Your Alien Card?

14th March 2011
"Green Card" refers towards the official card issued from the U.S. government to those that grow to be lawful permanent residents (immigrants) as evidence of their authorization to stay and work within the United States. It really is officially referred t...
Author: Aditya Mittal
Immigration Law

Investment visa and Business Visa - Immigration to US

03rd March 2011
US immigration attorneys one. A lawyer is really a particular person that has the responsibility of advising his customers on legal issues and represents them within the courts of law. The process of migrating to yet another country, especially nations ...
Author: Howard Barron
Immigration Law

Have you been Required to Renew Your Green Card?

23rd February 2011
"Green Card" refers for the official card issued from the U.S. federal government to those that turn into lawful permanent residents (immigrants) as proof of their authorization to stay and work within the United States. It is formally named Form I-551, t...
Author: Jeff Whitaker
Immigration Law

Indian Feelings About US Residency And Citizenship Now

14th February 2011
"For many Indians who hold green card or have US citizenship, America has ceased to be attractive,"Is the American dream losing its appeal? No, US still continues to attract the best minds from the world over, including India. And Green card is your ticke...
Author: Seymour Martin
Immigration Law

Fly to the land of opportunity using your U.S. visa

14th February 2011
To allow your entrance to the United States, a U.S. visa should first be issued. This is like an indicator whether you are allowed to live or visit in their country given that you have satisfied all the requirements. This visa goes along with your passpor...
Author: Seymour Martin
Immigration Law

What is INS?

13th January 2011
The Immigration and Naturalization Services shortly called as INS was part of the United States Department of Justice. The INS was authorized to handle all the legal and illegal immigration and naturalization issues. The purpose of INS was to protect and ...
Author: h20mysticshadow
Immigration Law

US Immigration Laws

06th December 2010
Immigration means the movement of a foreign individual into a country to live on a permanent basis. Each individual who wish to enter a country must seek permission to enter the country and abide by the law. The immigration law refers to the government po...
Author: h20mysticshadow
Immigration Law

Immigration and Naturalization Process in the US

22nd November 2010
Getting a visa, being sponsored by relatives for a green card (permanent resident card) or getting a green card through one's own eligibility are the commonly used immigration procedures to enter the United States. You can enter the United States through...
Author: brentwood
Immigration Law

What Should I Expect on the Immigration and Naturalization Test?

25th August 2010
The process of immigration and naturalization is not confined to submission of the fully completed application as such. It also involves the person who is applying to have a sound knowledge of the history of the US as well. There is always a misconceptio...
Author: brentwood
Immigration Law

United States immigration: How to go about it

20th July 2010
The United States of America is undoubtedly one of the most stringent countries in terms of immigration laws across the world. The body of law that handles all United States immigration cases is the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA). The major reas...
Author: College ParkHigh
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