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What Should I Expect on the Immigration and Naturalization Test?

25th August 2010
By brentwood in Immigration Law
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The process of immigration and naturalization is not confined to submission of the fully completed application as such. It also involves the person who is applying to have a sound knowledge of the history of the US as well. There is always a misconception that becoming a citizen of United States is a pretty complicated task. It does not become complicated if you have the necessary knowledge of the complete naturalization process.

US citizenship test:

While applying for
Immigration and Naturalization, the necessary information has to be filled in to prove the permanent residency, the moral character and the applicant’s attachment towards the constitution of the US followed by a naturalization test. This test is usually conducted during the interview process of naturalization. The immigration and naturalization test is basically to test the applicant’s ability in reading, writing or speaking English and added to this, a civics test is also given to test hie/her knowledge of the US constitution and history. In short the test is to measure his/her English abilities and civics knowledge. The study material for such tests will be provided by the USCIS like the vocabulary flash cards and the sample 100 questions on the civics just to help the people.

The English abilities or skills will be tested on reading, writing and speaking as mentioned. To test your reading skills, you will have to read one sentence correctly among the three so as to convince the USCIS officer that you are aware of the meaning of the sentence. Mostly you will be asked to read certain parts from the Form N 400, Application for Naturalization. To test your writing skills you have to write one sentence correctly among the three sentences provided so as to make sure that the USCIS officer is aware of what is written. Regarding your speaking skills, it is the way you converse with the officials and it will be judged during your interview on your citizenship application. To pass the test it is not necessary to be bilingual, but a basic knowledge of English is enough. The civics part of the exam includes ten questions regarding U.S. History and government, out of which you have to answer six correctly to pass the exam.

Exemption from the immigration and Naturalization Test or part of the tests are available for the applicants because of the age or the mental health conditions. You are exempted from the English test and have to take the Civics test in a language of their choice if:

* If you are 50 years and above and you have been a permanent resident for 20 years
* If you are 55 years and above and you have a green card for about 15 years.
* If you have physical or mental disabilities, you will have a waiver from the citizenship test

In case of failing in the test, you will be able to apply for the second time. The ultimate aim of taking the immigration and naturalization test is to understand the American History and the government. To keep yourself updated for the test, the newspapers and internet are the best source of such information.
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