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Fly to the land of opportunity using your U.S. visa

14th February 2011
By Seymour Martin in Immigration Law
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To allow your entrance to the United States, a U.S. visa should first be issued. This is like an indicator whether you are allowed to live or visit in their country given that you have satisfied all the requirements. This visa goes along with your passport. For the both, there are different kinds that exist.

There are two general types of U.S. visas, the non-immigrant and the immigrant visas. Immigrant visas are intended to those who can qualify to live permanently in the United States of America and given that they all satisfy the eligibility requirement that would apply to them. This process is really the complicated one and this requires you the help of your immigration attorney. Marrying an American citizen, getting adopted, being petitioned or having a permanent job in their country can qualify you for an immigrant visa then next you are on your way to the green card. On the other hand, the non-immigrant visa is the one that is not permanent. People travel to the United States with different purposes and these purposes would determine what they should apply for under the subtypes of non-immigrant visas. This non-immigrant visa includes those for athletes, religious workers, nurses, physicians, diplomats, exchange visitors, students, Australian professional specialty, businessmen, employees of international organization, those people who have excellence in the sciences and military personnel that is based in the United States and there are so many other subtypes and of course , of different purposes. The approving officer of the visa of course, needs to know that you have a worthy purpose for their country and that you won't be a problem in the future for them.

Applying for the U.S visas would lead you to contacting the Immigration and Naturalization Service office to ask for all the required documents and let them know your conditions. After doing that, you should pass all the documents which are correctly filled and counterchecked. The Naturalization service would then now schedule you for an interview after successfully finishing the preceding steps and it is now in their hand to approve or reject your application. Applying for a U.S. visa indeed is a very tedious process and it gets more and more complex as they check on your background, status, and educational attainment, bank accounts only to prove that you are a contributor or you will be a good contributor for their country.

These U.S. visas are very significant as it allows you to ask for a permit to the Customs and Border Protection and the Department of Homeland and Security Border Protection to enter in their country. It is enough to say that if you were approved for a visa, then you are good enough for their country.

Having a US visa allows you to fly to the land of opportunity. Everybody knows that U.S.A. has a superpower status in that it can influence every one by their recent activities and so every individual has to be screened out using a visa.
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