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Immigration Law

Benefits of Being a Green Card Holder

14th June 2011
Being a green card holder, also referred to as a U.S Permanent Resident, has its privileges. If you are not aware of these benefits, here is a list of the most important ones: 1. Hassle Free Entry/Exit from the U.S One of the most important benefits...
Immigration Law

What is an I-94 or I-94W?

23rd May 2011
Foreign nationals visiting the United States must complete an I-94 if they hold a valid visa, or an I-94W if they are traveling without a visa under the Visa Waiver Program. The I-94 card is provided by the transportation carrier (for example the airli...
Immigration Law

Immigration and Naturalization Process in the US

22nd November 2010
Getting a visa, being sponsored by relatives for a green card (permanent resident card) or getting a green card through one's own eligibility are the commonly used immigration procedures to enter the United States. You can enter the United States through...
Immigration Law

Green Card Application

13th October 2010
A Green Card is an authorization which serves as a proof that the individual has the rights to live and work permanently in the United States. A person with a valid Green Card also means that he/she is registered in the U.S. in accordance with United Stat...
Immigration Law

What is USCIS form I-824?

23rd September 2010
The USCIS form I-824 is used to request a duplicate approval notice, to request an approval notice be sent to another US Consulate, or to request an approval notice be sent to a US Consulate for derivative visas for family members. Applicants who wish ...
Immigration Law

What Should I Expect on the Immigration and Naturalization Test?

25th August 2010
The process of immigration and naturalization is not confined to submission of the fully completed application as such. It also involves the person who is applying to have a sound knowledge of the history of the US as well. There is always a misconceptio...