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Jeff Whitaker
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About Me: I am a tiny city guy from southern Florida. I'm self-employed and have been operating a company in my house city for over 20 a long time. I have a school diploma in schooling. My emphasis was sports well being and psychology. I'm an affiliate of my local Lion's Club and have served the metropolis in a variety of capabilities more than the years. I adore networking and meeting new men and women. It's my objective to create a nice recurring earnings for my retirement and for my family. I'm loyal to a fault and can do everything I can to assist you to succeed.
Immigration Law

Have you been Required to Renew Your Green Card?

23rd February 2011
"Green Card" refers for the official card issued from the U.S. federal government to those that turn into lawful permanent residents (immigrants) as proof of their authorization to stay and work within the United States. It is formally named Form I-551, t...
Immigration Law

Actions to Renew a U.S. Green Card

23rd February 2011
A U.S. Green Card can also be referred to as a Permanent Resident Card. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will be the federal government agency that issues and renews green cards. Green cards expire 10 years from the date they're issu...
Immigration Law

Possibilities for Possible Immigrants

22nd February 2011
With all the widespread of globalization, interracial marriages grew to become prevalent. While this has been practiced centuries back again, statistics have surged specially during the past ten years, when communication barriers have been crashed by comp...