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Indian Feelings About US Residency And Citizenship Now

14th February 2011
By Seymour Martin in Immigration Law
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"For many Indians who hold green card or have US citizenship, America has ceased to be attractive,"

Is the American dream losing its appeal? No, US still continues to attract the best minds from the world over, including India. And Green card is your ticket to obtaining a permanent US residence. It is one of the easiest way to immigrate into the United States of America. The green card applications are collected and processed by the State Department of United States of America.A successfully drawn green card application is considered winning and entitles the applicant to live and work in United States as an equal citizen. Every year US government hands out 50,000 of green cards.

We are dedicated to providing the most current information on immigration to the United States, including U.S. visas, Green Cards and citizenship application guides.Immigration is a rather complicated process. While green card makes it easier for you, the overall process is not easy, although feasible.

In order to enter US border as an immigrant, you must obtain a visa. Visa is a legal document that certifies that you are authorized to enter United States for certain purpose. The purpose of making immigration to United States available to diverse cultural and ethnical groups in a balanced fashion. United States is a country of diverse nature, and green card helps to maintain diversity, which lays in the root of american way of life and economics. Green cards are regulated under Diversity Immigrant Visa Program which is mandated by the Congress of Unites States every year under Immigration and Nationality Act Section 203(c), amended by Section 131 of the Immigration Act 1990. Immigration for green card can be applied through a form with all the required documents mentioned online.

There are different types of visas, both immigrant and nonimmigrant. As an immigrant and a future american citizen, you will need the diversity visa - your immigrant permit.

You have to apply to INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service)for immigration on grounds of diversity immigration law. US immigrations services will be verifying that you are not violating US immigration laws; for instance, that you are not a heinous criminal, a terrorist or otherwise unwanted by US officials. You will as well be interviewed at the border by the immigration inspector. You should abstain from lying or submitting incomplete information to any entity involved in your immigration application, as multiple mechanisms to prevent that are put in place by US immigration services and lying would put you in a very unfavorable light, up to the point of criminal prosecution or permanent loss of right of entry into United States. you will most likely be questioned multiple times, at different stages of your immigration process and even after you receive your legal resident permit. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to have a lawyer represent you during your arrival or interrogations. If there are complications and you fail to provide clear and reasonable answers to the questions that the immigration services present, you might be sent into a specialized immigration court or deported back having your immigration permit cancelled.

The USA immigration regulations might seem too strict and even unfair to you, but they are necessary both for the security of United States and proper smooth operation of immigration services. the nature of immigration officials to be suspicious and impatient. Immigration checks are the first line of defense of american liberty against external threats. Immigration officials aren't going to be friendly to you, but there's nothing personal in that; they get to handle thousands of people every month. The better prepared and calm you are, the less problems you're likely to run into. The reason for such treatment and cautiousness is that the immigration authorities do not want to take a chance with anyone staying illegally.

Unlike most other countries, United States doesn't have a single paper that unambiguously identifies a person and must be carried at all times, such as ID or passport. Driver's licenses, foreign passports, resident permit green card and other papers can serve as a substitute, but they aren't necessary for free movement in United States, so many illegal immigrants settle down. Incidentally, illegal immigrants are a major source of domestic crime in United states, and the US immigration authorities are reluctant to allow anyone who might want to refuse leaving. Even though you are getting a green card, the immigration authorities will have to treat you with caution.
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