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Canada Study Permit-- International Students In Canada

18th October 2011
What is a Canada study permit? A Canada study permit allows international students to study in Canada under a variety of programs, including English and French language classes, post-secondary degree programs, and professional programs, amongst others. ...
Author: fwcanada
Immigration Law

Benefits Of Being an Asylee

18th July 2011
Once asylum is granted, it means that the asylee can live and work legally in the US and will subsequently have the opportunity to apply for lawful permanent residence and citizenship. However, it is important to note that asylum is not a permanent, gu...
Author: Paul Anderson
Immigration Law

Different Categories and Programs for Australian Working Visas

14th July 2011
The economy of Australia is on the rise thus the government issues both temporary and permanent work visas based on different factors like skills of candidate, qualifications and experience etc. A few of Australian visa services allow applicant to seek em...
Author: David Rambloor
Immigration Law

Things To Remember During The Fiance Visa Process

18th May 2011
Submission checklist for the petitioner (US citizen) : A complete and signed Form I-129F Form G-325-A (2) completed and signed, one by the Alien FiancÚ and one by the American Citizen. A signed, notarized affidavit of support Form I-134. The app...
Author: michaelmoody84
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USCIS and Visas

23rd March 2011
US immigration is a approach which can be termed being a foreign person transferring to United states of america as an immigrant or a non - immigrant. A foreign individual who wishes to seek entry to U.s. should posses a visa and abide from the principles...
Author: Peter Catz

Various Sources Of Divorce Records

25th January 2011
It is important to those who are dating, entering into a relationship or planning to get married to carry out a search for Arizona Arrest Records. Without a doubt, it will make a lot of sense for someone to activate a quest for this account. This informat...
Author: Ben Dave
Immigration Law

Australian Visa

25th January 2011
Types Of Australian Visa Australia is a popular destination for migrants of all ages. Individuals, couples, and families travel to Australia for pleasure, to seek work, or to start an entirely new life and ensuring that they get the right visa should b...
Author: Henry James
Immigration Law

I Believe in God. Can I get an R-1?

19th January 2011
The short answer is no. Belief in God or a higher power does not qualify one for an R-1 visa. The R-1 is a visa reserved for religious workers, such as ministers, nuns, rabbis, and other religious workers who are seeking to come into the United States ...
Author: Attorney Rizvi

Find More Information about USA Embassy Online

05th January 2011
The USA embassy online provides all details that is required for a person to travel to some other country. Firstly the person has to have a valid passport and then apply for visa for traveling to other countries. Visa is nothing but a right given to a per...
Author: dyinasmith
Immigration Law

US Immigration Laws

06th December 2010
Immigration means the movement of a foreign individual into a country to live on a permanent basis. Each individual who wish to enter a country must seek permission to enter the country and abide by the law. The immigration law refers to the government po...
Author: h20mysticshadow
Immigration Law

Getting a greencard.

22nd November 2010
People immigrate to the United States for many reasons, including professional reasons, economic reasons, and to escape persecution. To stay in the United States it is important for foreign nationals to become a permanent resident. This article discusses...
Author: Stanley Hermosillo
Immigration Law

Who Can Apply for a K-1 Visa?

22nd November 2010
The INA (Immigration and Nationality Act) defines a K-1 visa as a non-immigrant visa classification for aliens coming to the United States to marry an American citizen and to set up residence in the United States. Procedure and requirements for K-1 vi...
Author: Paul Anderson
Immigration Law

How to Get a Philippines Fiance Visa

10th November 2010
How to Get a Philippines Fiance Visa It is not unusual for a U.S. citizen to want to marry their Filipina fiance here in the United States. The way to do this is to petition for a Philippines fiancee visa or the K-1 visa for her. But this process i...
Author: fianceevisa
Immigration Law

What are the Immigration form categories?

06th August 2010
There are several Immigration form categories. What are some of the different names of form categories and how are they used? Examples include: Employment based form, Family based form, Green Card Visa based form, Humanitarian benefits based form, Citizen...
Author: Tim Kennedy
Immigration Law

Employment of Foreign Nationals in China, Obtaining Residence Permit

06th July 2010
Foreigners wishing to live and work in China must follow strict procedures that involve much paperwork and different levels of state bureaucracy. The complexity of the procedures is heightened by the fact that the names for various permits and certificate...
Author: Tom Lee
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