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Immigration Law

Things To Remember During The Fiance Visa Process

18th May 2011
Submission checklist for the petitioner (US citizen) : A complete and signed Form I-129F Form G-325-A (2) completed and signed, one by the Alien FiancÚ and one by the American Citizen. A signed, notarized affidavit of support Form I-134. The app...
Immigration Law

How Many Questions Will I Be Asked During The Interview For Citizenship?

20th April 2011
Attending an interview for citizenship is a part of the naturalization process.The naturalization process consists of : -Preparing and filing Form N-400 along with the supporting document and fee with the USCIS -Getting the fingerprints taken -Attend...
Immigration Law

How to Get a Green Card Through Marriage

06th April 2011
How to Get a Green Card Through Marriage A green card is the common name for a Permanent Resident Card. It is a document that proves the legal permanent resident status of the holder. A person who has been admitted to the US for permanent resident or a...