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Immigration Law

Employment of Foreign Nationals in China, Obtaining Residence Permit

06th July 2010
Foreigners wishing to live and work in China must follow strict procedures that involve much paperwork and different levels of state bureaucracy. The complexity of the procedures is heightened by the fact that the names for various permits and certificate...
Immigration Law

Introduction to Chinese Visas for Foreign Nationals

06th July 2010
Chinese visa is a permit issued to a foreigner by the Chinese visa authorities for entry into, exit from or transit through the Chinese territory. The Chinese visa authorities may issue a diplomatic, courtesy, service or ordinary visa to a foreigner accor...
Employment Law


06th July 2010
(Promulgated jointly by the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of public Security´╝îMinistry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of the People's Republic of China on 22 January 1996´╝ë Chapter l General Provisions...
Immigration Law

The Procedure to Apply for Residence Permit and Related Documentation

06th July 2010
All foreign nationals wishing to work in China should hold a work (Z) visa for entry into China. After entering China, they must then obtain a work permit and a residence permit. Failure to do so is an offence leading to possible fines and deportation. ...

How To Avoid tax problem for Representative Office Set Up in china

07th January 2010
A Chinese Representative Office (RO) may be the easiest and the cheapest way to establish your firm's presence in China. However there are some traps which you should be aware of before and after the RO's set up. Firstly, non-payment of taxes is a seri...