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Different Categories and Programs for Australian Working Visas

14th July 2011
By David Rambloor in Immigration Law
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The economy of Australia is on the rise thus the government issues both temporary and permanent work visas based on different factors like skills of candidate, qualifications and experience etc. A few of Australian visa services allow applicant to seek employment once in the country, while some are dependent upon sponsorship from an Australian company. Australian working visas thus allows people to migrate to Australia and seek varied employment options.
In order to be eligible for this kind of Australian visas the applicant must be over 18 years of age but under 31 years. They must have a valid passport and must apply for Australian working visas outside Australia. Other types of Australian visas include Australian tourist visas, Australian holiday visas etc.
Australian working visas have different categories and programs that are listed below:
Australian Working Holiday Visa: This is one of the most sought after Australian visa commonly used by backpackers and young travellers. This visa is very popular because it allows holder to earn the travel cost of visa by working for different Australian employees. However, there are some rules and regulations attached to this Australian visa. This visa is valid for one year only and the holder can only hold a job with same employer for not more than six months.

Employer Sponsored Work Visa: This Australian visa is for skilled and qualified persons who have gained employment in Australia either on permanent or temporary basis. While seeking for this kind of visa applicants must be sponsored by their Australian employer. They must provide relevant document as proof.
Skilled Migration Program: This program is perfect for those applicants who lacks Australian employer sponsorship, but meets the criteria of some specific skills required in Australia. Applicants must be between the age of 18 to 45 years. The applicant must have skilled English language ability and have recent skilled work experience in the concerned field or have recently completed eligible Australian qualification. This program offers varied work options for skilled or professional migrants.
Australian Business Visa: Australia has stable economy, thus business people seek Australian business visa for short business visits, establish or manage business in Australia or invest in Australia. This Australian visa is further sub divided into three types: Business visit visa, provisional business development visa (also known as “Business Skills”) and permanent business development visa. Business visit visa is for those business people who want to visit Australia for conferences, meetings, training sessions and exploring Australian organization for business.

With “Business Skills” visas business people can start, manage, invest on any Australian business. This might lead to permanent residence visa also. Permanent business development visas are issued to those businessman who have successfully established required business level. Businessman with high calibre skills might be issued “direct permanent visa” without going through provisional stage.
Working visas for Nurses & Doctors: Australian working visa are issued to doctors & nurses to met the shortage of regional and rural nurses. Applicants with primary medical qualifications from other countries or individuals who have gained medical qualifications in any Australian institution but not permanent residents  are eligible to apply for this visa. For more information please visit our site:
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