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Most Common Visa Refusal Type-221g

11th November 2011
US immigration laws are fine tuned to welcome foreigners as immigrants and non-immigrants. But at the same time they are allowed only after comprehensive scanning of documents in either case. Often people who apply for US visa get struck with the denial ...
Author: hazel Ickes
Immigration Law

Obtaining Help From an Immigration Attorney

25th October 2011
AILA membership is a very good indication that the lawyer has had considerable knowledge in immigration legislation. Possessing good legal representation can be incredibly valuable--and practically important--when you present your petition, so it's vital ...
Author: AngelBeetenson
Immigration Law

Benefits of Being a Green Card Holder

14th June 2011
Being a green card holder, also referred to as a U.S Permanent Resident, has its privileges. If you are not aware of these benefits, here is a list of the most important ones: 1. Hassle Free Entry/Exit from the U.S One of the most important benefits...
Author: brentwood
Immigration Law

Making Green Card Application a Lot Easier

10th June 2011
Each year, a lot more people all elements of the planet make an effort to get yourself a Green card. Such card, allows a non US citizen to become a permanent resident in the United States of America. Having a Green card gives you the opportunity to work, ...
Author: andrewyast
Immigration Law

Australian VISAS for your Option

24th May 2011
For good reason, Australia is a continent that many people are fascinated with. Thousands of tourists flock to Australia each year because this smallest continent of the world is full of sites and places. If you are thinking of wildlife in Australia, ko...
Author: Louie Jane M. Caturza
Immigration Law

Australian Visa Immigration Information from Australian Immigration Experts

31st March 2011
It has been every man’s dream to be able to discover the world and to go around the world and venture into places they have never set their foot into. To be able to share this experience with their families or friends is such a fulfilling thing to do. Som...
Author: dylan
Immigration Law

Lawyer Immigration New York Can Help save you From Legal Tangles

03rd March 2011
Are you preparing to migrate to New York or some other city in USA? Is the fact that you might be dealing with any difficulty related to immigration? Attorney immigration is meant to help you in each and every achievable method to ensure you might be not ...
Author: Howard Barron
Business Law

Debt Crisis: Why the Worst Is Yet to Come

26th February 2011
I know it is borrowing stuff…government statistics and projections. But it’s important for my readers to see how out-of-control the debt crisis in America is. Eventually, the day of reckoning will come when the homemade debt crisis will affect the stock m...
Author: profitconfidential
Immigration Law

Long Term Stay in Thailand- What Are Your Thai Visa Options?

26th February 2011
Foreigners who desire to inhabit in Thailand have several visa choices to deide from to be able to settle in the country lawfully and on a lasting basis. Below are the most known Thai visa options available for foreigners.Retirement VisaThose who are 50 y...
Author: Al Kola
Immigration Law

How to Obtain Your Own EB5 Green Card

18th February 2011
The US Government has implemented an Immigrant Investor Program that prioritizes foreign investors in getting their green card visa for permanent residency. If you have an established business and/or are already planning on investing abroad, seize this op...
Author: Stanley Hermosillo
Immigration Law

Work Visa for Permanent Workers

14th February 2011
Working in USA -an economic super-power, is a dream shared by almost all. Influx of foreign workers burden the economy of the host country, hence, every country tries to contain the number of unnecessary foreigners working in it. USA offers approximately ...
Author: Seymour Martin
Immigration Law

77 illegal aliens arrested in Grand Rapids

14th February 2011
GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials have arrested 77 illegal aliens and fugitives while in 4-day enforcement venture.The immigrants that had been arrested are dealing with criminal expenses and are topic to de...
Author: Marco Bowers
Immigration Law

Renew Your Expired Green Card ASAP

09th February 2011
If you ever get a chance of owning a green card, it is very important that you keep it current so that is does not expire. If expired, make sure that you renew it as soon as possible. This is because if you have an expired green card, you are most likely...
Author: Alvin Goodwin
Immigration Law

Pastor Terry Jones will Battle Ban

01st February 2011
Pastor Terry Jones will battle the ban that might possibly be levied on his check out to the United Kingdom. Pastor Terry Jones was not too long ago in the news for possessing threatened to burn up the Koran to mark the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.Pas...
Author: Courtney Sanders
Immigration Law

Stay Updated on Student Visas

31st January 2011
The State Department has rules for giving permission to foreign students studying in the United States. The rules can be found on the State Department’s travel Web site: Under Services, go to Visas for Foreign Citizens to Come to the Uni...
Author: learnenglish
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