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Australian VISAS for your Option

24th May 2011
By Louie Jane M. Caturza in Immigration Law
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For good reason, Australia is a continent that many people are fascinated with. Thousands of tourists flock to Australia each year because this smallest continent of the world is full of sites and places. If you are thinking of wildlife in Australia, koala bears and kangaroos are famous in the country. It has developed its own wildlife since the country is an island and not connected to any other land. Today, Australia claims to have a 100% literacy rate which of one of the highest rank in the world.

Certainly, there are many types of visa for Australia. Upon entry to the country, each of these visas has specified set of privileges provided to an individual. Since each visa has a specific period and privileges, it is then very crucial that you must have a visa specific to your requirements and needs. Out of so many visas offered in Australia, let us just review a few that are common.

The Australian Tourist Visa

This visa has twelve months validity and the individual is allowed a three month length of stay in each entry of the country. Most of the tourists and foreigners are getting this kind of visa as their purpose is to enjoy sight-seeing and experience fun offered by the country.

The Australian Working Holiday Visa

Individuals between the ages of eighteen and thirty one are granted this kind of visa. This kind of visa for Australia allows an individual to remain in the country for a t most of six months at a time having a term of twelve months. Those that show proof of three months of seasonal work would be allowed an additional twelve months stay in country. This is the privilege anyone would enjoy when getting this kind of visas.

The Australian Student Visa

This is a kind of visa provided to individual who has been enrolled in an accredited educational institution in Australia. It allows entry into the country for at least three months. Individual or student availing this type of visa is required to provide proof of insurance coverage, as well as compliance with character and health examinations by relevant authorities.

Actually anyone who is seeking for approval to immigrate to Australia must be granted the privilege. Options are there to choose, however, the important is you must have the appropriate paperwork available as this will speed up the visa application process.

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