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Benefits of Being a Green Card Holder

14th June 2011
By brentwood in Immigration Law
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Being a green card holder, also referred to as a U.S Permanent Resident, has its privileges. If you are not aware of these benefits, here is a list of the most important ones:

1. Hassle Free Entry/Exit from the U.S

One of the most important benefits of being a green card holder is that you can leave or enter the U.S. at your own accord without the risk of denial of entry at a U.S. immigration port of entry. Thus the hassle of filing the I-94 form, as done by non-green card holder is done away with completely.

2. Financial Aid for Education

As per the law, a U.S. permanent resident can take advantage of government sponsored financial aid in order to pursue his/her education. Additionally, those students who have green cards are required to pay lower tuition rates at universities and colleges than foreign students who are not green card holders.

3. Better Job Prospects

Green card holders undoubtedly enjoy an edge above the rest when it comes to the employment scene in the U.S. Unlike foreigners, they do not require job sponsorships. Even better, they are granted permission to work in any company located in the U.S. Getting security clearance for a job opening is also not an issue for green card holders.

4. Widened Career Horizons

Itís not just the job market where green card holders have an advantage over non-immigrant foreigners in the U.S. They also enjoy exclusive rights to start their personal businesses in the United States, or even create their own corporations for that matter!

5. Social Security Benefits

A green card holder enjoys social security benefits too. If he/she has worked for a minimum of 40 quarters in the U.S., they are entitled to benefits post retirement. In fact even if a green card holder loses his/her job or passes away, their family is entitled to the green card holders benefits.

6. Political Existence

By possessing a green card, an individual attains the right to be a part of and contribute to political campaigns for state and federal offices, and thereby be a part of the political process, even though they do not have a right to vote. Voting is a privilege that is reserved for U.S. citizens.

7. Mobility across the Nation

If you possess a green card, you are entitled to enjoy the ability to move wherever you want to within the United States, and can even choose to stay in any of the 50 states of the U.S permanently. This is a far cry for residents without green cards who have to obtain permission from the USCIS for every action and move they take while within the United States.

8. Insurance Benefits

Green card holders are eligible to a wide range of insurance coverage at prices afforded to U.S. citizens. In fact most insurance companies refuse to extend their services to non green card holders.
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