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Making Green Card Application a Lot Easier

10th June 2011
By andrewyast in Immigration Law
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Each year, a lot more people all elements of the planet make an effort to get yourself a Green card. Such card, allows a non US citizen to become a permanent resident in the United States of America. Having a Green card gives you the opportunity to work, study, set up your personal business, and provides the lawful to reside up to the point of finally obtaining a US citizenship.

With all of these benefits, obtaining a Green card turns into a fascination for most foreigners who wish to live the American dream.

However, getting an immigration Green card may take longer and a lot of patience plus attempts are required alongside every one of the necessary paperwork and workarounds.

Time necessary to process an immigration Green card is different from individual to individual, depending on the circumstances and level of eligibility. If you have all the documents easily available, you will get their hands on your Green card within 3-4 months. So you may want to spare quite some time in complying and completing your entire paperwork in order to avoid delay and interruption inside the process. You don't desire to be spending all of your years awaiting a Green card just because you do not have a particular document when you will just give time and energy to, will just take you short while inside the immigration office.

The requirements vary as well from each of the applicants. Say, if you're obtaining a green card through employment and sponsorship, the entire process usually takes somewhat shorter for you personally because it will probably be your employer who'll do all of the necessary workaround to complete the job. If you're married or soon to have married to some US citizen or perhaps a Green card holder, though it usually takes couple of years to obtain their hands on your permanent resident card, you can already stay and work in the USA.

It's a little harder to obtain a Green card through family sponsorship (for those who have an instantaneous family member). You need to supply evidences alongside the mandatory papers. Not that, there will also be additional checks like court records, moral character check, and some other requisites. If you should make some changes in your data and documents, you must inform the best authorities from it in order to avoid problems. Obtaining a Green card isn't a one-stop ride. There are many impediments along your path. But don't worry. After you get your green card, a better life lies ahead inside the land from the free.

Andrew Yast is an immigration adviser residing in Provo, Utah. He is an expert in fulfilling step-by-step Green Card process and facts on getting on your green card. There are many ways in obtaining a Green card, they are through marriage, immediate relative and Green card lottery. For more information, visit
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