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Renew Your Expired Green Card ASAP

09th February 2011
By Alvin Goodwin in Immigration Law
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If you ever get a chance of owning a green card, it is very important that you keep it current so that is does not expire. If expired, make sure that you renew it as soon as possible. This is because if you have an expired green card, you are most likely to be denied entry to US and at times get charged for misdemeanor. Green cards are permanent resident cards given to foreigners. At the front face of each card is its expiry date. The years allocated vary. If one has had theirs valid for 10 years, they have to ensure that they get it renewed 6 months before the expiry date.

The renewal forms can be downloaded from the appropriate websites and the forms completed fully. A fee for filling is also charged to act as proof of the identity of the applicant and that they are permanent residents in the US. Other than expiry, one has to renew their green cared if they realize that it is missing or it was stolen. All green cards are given an expiry of 10 years. This is to protect them from being tampered with or from being counterfeited. However, residents who got their cards between 1979 and 1988 do not have to renew. This is because back then, the cards were not given an expiry date.

Failure to renew the green card does not quit making you a resident. However, the law will require that you produce evidence of your identity and registration. If you prolong the time of replacing the green card, you are then very likely to suffer a lot in getting employment, re-entry to the USA or other benefits that other residents have access to.

An expired green card has to replace within a period not exceeding six months. This can be done by making a call to the USCIS, completing a USCIS form I-90 or making a submission through the net. Application forms can be sent to your address via e-mail. Even if you send back the filled in forms via the snail mail, you will have to pay a personal visit to USCIS offices. The green card renewal process takes approximately 10 months to one year to be completed. Throughout this period, you can be issued with a temporary permit to facilitate your stay in the country. Renewal is very important for everyone, not just for the sake of government records but also for your own sake.

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