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What is USCIS form I-824?

23rd September 2010
By brentwood in Immigration Law
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The USCIS form I-824 is used to request a duplicate approval notice, to request an approval notice be sent to another US Consulate, or to request an approval notice be sent to a US Consulate for derivative visas for family members.

Applicants who wish to request the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) to provide further action on a previously approved petition or application must use the form I-824. However USCIS will not process a form I-824 if a petition or application has been denied or has not yet been approved and further this form cannot be used to verify the status of any pending petition or application.

The form I-824 is basically of 5 parts which is as follows:

Part 1: Information about the applicant.
Part 2: Reason for Request (for filing the form I-824)
Part 3: Additional Information
Part 4: Signature
Part 5: If the application is prepared by any other person other than the applicant then the signature of that person.

Here it is to be noted that a separate form I-824 must be filed for each action being requested.

Once the form I-824 has been filled up, the following copies showing the front and back of the documents should be attached and sent.

1. Copy of the original petition or application.
2. Copy of the form I-797 Notice of Action
3. Copy of the form N-550

Unless or otherwise specified, originals need not be sent with the form I-824.

Any document in a foreign language that is to be submitted to the USCIS should be accompanied with a full length English translation which the translator has certified as true and accurate.

The filing address for the form reflects the most current information as of the date of the form. If the form is filed at any lock box facility then the applicant can receive an e mail or text message notifying that the application has been accepted. For this a form G-1145 has to be filed. If the applicant is filing the form I-824 with another USCIS form, the application should be mailed according to the filing instruction of the other form..

The filing fee for form I-824 is $340 which should be drawn on a bank or other financial institution located in the United States. Checks must be made payable to Department of Homeland Security or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

It is important that the form is filled up properly and accompanied by the right fee else it would be rejected by the USCIS. Any application or petition is not considered properly filed until it is accepted by the USCIS.

Once the form has been accepted it will be checked for its correctness including submission of initial evidence. If the application is not filled out properly and without the initial evidence USCIS will deny the application.

In some cases USCIS may require more information or evidence or may request the applicant to appear for a personal interview with the original copies.

The decision on the form will be notified in writing.
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