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Immigration Law

What is USCIS form I-824?

23rd September 2010
The USCIS form I-824 is used to request a duplicate approval notice, to request an approval notice be sent to another US Consulate, or to request an approval notice be sent to a US Consulate for derivative visas for family members. Applicants who wish ...
Author: brentwood
Immigration Law

How do I apply for a reentry permit?

14th June 2010
There are some limitations for a Permanent resident to travel outside U.S. and return. A reentry permit will help a Permanent resident to enter into U.S. without any problem. A reentry permit is used to determine that you did not intend to abandon your st...
Author: Paul Anderson
Accident claims

Driving and Texting - A Fatal Combination

12th May 2010
Chances are, you have texted while driving and nothing happened. So, you do it again. And again. Each time you risk having a car accident. Sometimes you lose. This is one of the increasingly leading causes of car accidents for all age groups. Blackberries...
Author: The Brilliant Assistant

The Most Simplified Explanation Of Restraining Orders

02nd April 2009
Copyright (c) 2009 Ron Lasorsa People use restraining orders in order to protect themselves against certain conduct such as: violence, abuse, threats, stalking and even annoying behavior such as excessive contact via email, text message, telephone call...
Author: Author Unknown