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The Easy Way to obtain a K1 Visa

17th September 2010
By John Armstrong in Immigration Law
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Do you dream of living in the United States of America? Do you want to get married there? Do you plan to work while you’re there? Maybe become a lawful permanent resident? All these are possible if you have a K1 visa or fiance visa. A K1 visa is a non-immigrant visa that will allow you to come to the United States and marry your U.S. citizen fiance within 90 days. If you want a K1 visa you will have to go through the proper process. This is not really an easy one, but with help from, you can make this process a simple and really painless experience.

When filing for a petition for a fiance visa, certain requirements have to be met. The petition has to be filed with the correct United States Citizenship Immigration Services office. This has to be done by a lawful U.S. citizen. The petitioner has to have seen his fiancee at least once in the past couple of years. This requirement may be waived by the Department of Homeland Security, but only for cases with strong cultural or religious traditions which preclude such a meeting.

The petitioner also must be able to meet certain financial requirements. He has to prove that both he and his fiancee will become productive citizens of the United States. The petitioner and the beneficiary also must prove that they are legally eligible to marry each other. They can do this by submitting a divorce decree or an annulment decree. A death certificate of a former spouse will likewise, be acceptable and conclusive evidence that a former marriage is totally and finally ended.

The whole K1 visa process takes about 4 to 6 months to finish, depending on the processing speed of the USCIS office that receives the visa application, and the availability of the consuls at the Embassy in the country of the intended spouse. Delay can also happen when proper procedure is not followed, when there are errors in the form and when information and documents submitted are insufficient. With help from the experts at, you never have to worry that your petition will be delayed or denied.

With our knowledge of U.S. embassy protocols and our native language support, you will also find that the visa interview can be a stress-free and worry-free experience. So do not delay the start of your long-dreamed of life in the United States, visit or call us at (888) 894-8655 for more information.

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