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Immigration Law

Immigration Options for Victims of Crimes

29th March 2012
USCIS protects the victims of crimes by providing immigration relief. US law renders protections for lawful and undocumented immigrants who are victims of criminal offenses. Most victims do not know about such protections. Specific protections are offered...
Author: Paul Anderson
Immigration Law

What is Schengen Visa? What are its Uses?

11th October 2011
With the world becoming a global village now the need for lifting regional restrictions is being felt by many to facilitate restriction-free travel across other, especially neighboring, nations. In such a scenario, Schengen Visa comes into picture. It is ...
Author: preeti sharma
Immigration Law

Australia Immigration Policy must be well understood!

10th August 2011
The government of Australia maintains a somewhat stringent and inflexible immigration policy to get social and economic targets through the permanent and temporary movement of people and skills. These days, the government is paying more attention to those...
Author: preeti sharma
Immigration Law

An Immigration Attorney's 10 Reasons to Develop into a Citizen

27th May 2011
for a lot more than 1 hundred and eighty days Permanent Citizens can effortlessly forfeit their green card on tried re-entry in the occasion the Port of Entry decides that the green card has been abandoned. An immigration lawyer can get a re-entry permit ...
Author: Gregg Mcdowell
Immigration Law

Australian VISAS for your Option

24th May 2011
For good reason, Australia is a continent that many people are fascinated with. Thousands of tourists flock to Australia each year because this smallest continent of the world is full of sites and places. If you are thinking of wildlife in Australia, ko...
Author: Louie Jane M. Caturza
Immigration Law

Immigration Attorneys Speak the Language of Law

09th May 2011
Coming to America from another country is hard enough without added legal barriers and immigration problems. Those considering coming to the United States or who are already here and would like to stay likely need the services of an immigration lawyer. Wh...
Author: Liz Jones
Business Law

What can a Singapore Company Registration Agency Do for You?

11th April 2011
As per the Singapore Companies Act, it is mandatory for all foreign companies and entrepreneurs to utilize the services of a firm based in Singapore that provides company registration services if they wish to incorporate a company in the country. However,...
Author: bryanwong
Immigration Law

Ramin Delavari with twelve years' experience

28th March 2011
Ramin Delavari with twelve years' experience can help you to determine which American immigration service is the most appropriate for your relocation to America. Our goal is to provide a professional, competent and experienced to help you achieve your per...
Author: Ramin Delavari
Immigration Law

Applying for American Visa Extensions

28th March 2011
Of the numerous visas granted inside the United states of america, visas for going to the united states comes for you using a time line and also you need to go away the region or deal with the risk of becoming deported. Nonetheless, you will find cases wh...
Author: Andrew Saul
Immigration Law

What's a F-1 Visa?

23rd March 2011
The immigration law permits foreign nationals to study from the United states. Numerous foreign college students dream to pursue their education within the Usa. A lot of the foreign students usually do not know how to move forward with all the US immigrat...
Author: Michael Skulley
Immigration Law

Working Using a L1 Visa in DC

14th March 2011
When a organization is starting to create a market place in another country, it really is often essential to have some employees with extensive experience, proprietary expertise and specialized abilities work within the recently established place. For thi...
Author: Robert Crandall

The Influence of Shoplifting Arrests on Immigration Status

10th March 2011
In the event you are inside the US on the visa, you need to get care to adhere to the law. Any criminal charges against it is possible to serve as grounds to revoke your visa and send you home.Many visa holders feel this means they cannot commit any major...
Author: Dan Hammond
Immigration Law

Working Using a L1 Visa in Washington DC

23rd February 2011
When a business is starting to develop a industry overseas, it is frequently required to have some employees with extensive knowledge, proprietary knowledge and specialized expertise work within the newly established location. For this purpose, many busin...
Author: Drew Castillo
Immigration Law

US Visa for Maid or Domestic Worker

22nd February 2011
The best way to get your maid a US visa so she can continue to operate and stay with you when you are temporary while in the US. The identical procedure is applied for any Nanny Visa, exactly where you have to be US citizens petitioning a foreign national...
Author: Al Kola
Immigration Law

Comparative Review- Thai and US Visas

22nd February 2011
When traveling within a foreign region, be it by land or air, 1 is generally required to secure a visa very first. Securing a visa is probably the most crucial factor, if the not essentially the most standard requirement, that 1 really should know ahead o...
Author: Howard Barron
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