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Internet Law

Prevent Yourself from Identity Theft

13th April 2011
Digital identity theft is a tremendously increasing crime in the modern era. As the fast pace of progressing technology is increasing in the world, so are the methods and the different criminally minded criteria. According to the survey of the recent past...
Author: Joy Mali

Preventing Tax Related Identity Theft

09th February 2011
The United States Federal Trade Commission estimates as many as 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year. Identity theft is a crime in which an impostor obtains key pieces of someone else’s personal identifying information - such as Soci...
Author: Roni Deutch

Preparing Yourself With The Divorce Process

21st September 2010
As divorce is never an easy undertaking, it takes a lot of preparation to handle it and a good way is to seek professional assistance from a Plano family attorney. Divorce proceedings cause a host of difficulties and anxieties to both parties and lawyers ...
Author: sagbee
Business Law

Check List for Employee Background Checks

16th August 2010
Hiring a person who will become a member of your inner circle or someone who will be providing care to a loved one is an important undertaking. Conduct a through background investigation to ascertain the trustworthiness of an applicant Review the appli...
Author: InvPros

Finding Hidden Assets after you Sue Someone

02nd June 2010
I am not a lawyer. This is my opinion and a summary of what I have learned and observed. If you need legal advice, contact a lawyer. There are two schools of thought about people who hide their assets, or through careful planning, own nothing. Some thi...
Author: Mark D. Shapiro
Criminal Law

Getting Online Identity Theft Protection - Why Protecting Your Social Security Number is Not Enough

27th April 2010
It is very important to get online identity theft protection. Protecting yourself online from identity theft could be one of the most important things that you can ever do for yourself, your finances and your future. Approximately 10 million people a...
Author: B. Carson
Criminal Law

Finding Id Theft Solutions - Protection to Safeguard Your Identity, Finances and Family For Life

27th April 2010
Getting proven id theft solutions is important because being a victim of ID theft is a personal crime. In fact 70% of the victims of ID theft often feel very angered and in disbelief. In fact this crime costs businesses and individuals a total of $221 b...
Author: B. Carson
Employment Law

Information of pre-employment screening services

09th April 2010
Pre-employment screening is a necessary hiring practice to avoid lawsuits and costly hiring mistakes. Gone are the days of a simple reference check and a few phone calls to screen new employees. Employers understand the growing need of professional pre-em...
Author: Gandhi
Criminal Law

Steps To Taking On How To Avoid Identity Theft

22nd March 2010
Identity theft is that criminal act that has far reaching implications. The short term affects of identity theft is that individuals can unlawfully obtain merchandise utilizing the individual's credit cards and ATM cards. However, the long term affect has...
Author: lisa lucero

New York Divorce Law

23rd December 2009
What are the grounds for divorce in New York? If you are a resident of the state of New York, four of the grounds in New York divorce law are based on "fault" of one of the parties. They are: 1) cruel and inhuman treatment; 2) abandonment for one or m...
Author: Josh D. Simon

New Jersey Divorce Law

18th December 2009
What are the grounds for divorce in New Jersey? Although New Jersey divorce law has both fault and no-fault grounds, in most cases, fault has no bearing on how marital assets will be divided. In rare cases, the court may consider the grounds for divorce...
Author: Josh D. Simon

Tax Issues To Keep In Mind When You Get Married

05th August 2009
Getting married is a glorious event, certainly one of the most important in your life. That being said, the sheer joy involved can easily result in missing out on some practical issues that can pop up. This includes remembering to handle some administrati...
Author: Richard Chapo