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Information of pre-employment screening services

09th April 2010
By Gandhi in Employment Law
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Pre-employment screening is a necessary hiring practice to avoid lawsuits and costly hiring mistakes. Gone are the days of a simple reference check and a few phone calls to screen new employees. Employers understand the growing need of professional pre-employment services; improper background checks could result in serious ramification to the companies however small and large.

Gone are the days, when employees were hired on the basis of the interview conducted and few phone calls to previous employers, in today’s times, proper background checks are conducted; their documents are properly verified and hence they are hired. The employers can also outsource pre-employment screening services, hiring an outsider helps in getting accurate and complete information on the prospective job seeker. It is advisable that the employers gather requisite information before hiring or outsourcing pre-employment services.

The system can integrate with the Employment Screening Services highly regarded Internet Report Access System to make the background checks on selected applicants a paperless process.

Pre-employment screening services offered include:

Criminal history (felony & misdemeanor)
Social security history
Education verification
DMV checks (where permissible)
Drug testing
License/certificate verification
Credit screening (in accordance with FCRA limitations)
Employment and residential history verification

A company hiring an employee looks at a candidate's merits, giving less importance to their background that can becomethe cause of major problems. These service providers help provide the right information by screening the employee's past criminal history, fraudulent social security numbers, untruthful resumes, falsified employment applications, etc. The reports given are accurate and legal compliant.

This service can be provided online and include employment drug screening and back ground checking. Small businesses that skimp on careful hiring practices will pay for it later. Fortunately, re-employment background checks, a critical tool for preventing fraud and eventual legal hassles, are easier and more affordable than ever before. Background screening goes beyond traditional reference checks and looks at such things as criminal and driving records, credit reports and whether applicants actually have the work and education experience they claim.

This service helps companies reduce hiring risks, increases efficiency and ensures employment of the right candidate. The staff at these servicing companies is professional, specialized in screening applicants within numerous industries, including all types of medical, technical, administrative, production, financial and management positions. The services include verification of employment, education, references and professional licenses, driving records, drug screening, credit history, civil history, criminal background checks and more.

There are certain limitations from which a company may know of. Read more about employment screening services to know which information can be asked from you and which are supposed to for your eyes only. There are varying background reports being done by companies conducting employment screening services. There is the verification of the social security number of the applicant while some gets into a detailed account of history and acquaintances of the applicant or employee. At the same time, because of the popular of social networking websites like Facebook, Friendster, MySpace, etc., employers are already

checking profiles of the employee or would be employee through such ways.

Now that you know the information that may be asked from you, here is the information that should not be included in

employment screening services. Carefully analyze the job and develop a list of desirable traits an ideal employee would have.

If there are qualifications that will weed out potential applicants, such as degree or licensing requirements, list those as

well. Determine whether those qualifications can be adequately screened for before employment and if the cost of developing

screening mechanisms is a necessary investment. Consider which methods are best suited to identify or weed out applicants

based upon the qualifications and traits already identified.

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