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Accident claims

Traffic Accidents Numerous but Declining

11th October 2011
Despite a steady increase in population and roadway traffic, the 2011 report by the Census Bureauís Statistical Abstract had some good news for drivers and passengers. Traffic accidents and fatalities have been consistently declining. The latest report, ...
Author: Millon & Peskin
Business Law

Conversion of a Partnership firm into a Company (Private/Public) (Formation of Part IX Company)

20th May 2011
Conversion of a Partnership firm into a Company is known as Corporatisation. Corporatisation is the need of the hour. The entire world is gradually drifting towards one global market without any trade barriers between the countries. A small unincorporated...
Author: raju
Real Estate Law

Foreclosed Home Sales Increased to 5.36 Million

19th May 2011
The real estate scenario is in a worrisome state. Foreclosures are high. In January, many people bought homes that had been occupied by others earlier. Investors are making all cash purchases. The number of buyers who bought homes for the first time...
Author: karen
Real Estate Law

Why the Happy Face on Housing?

27th January 2011
Newspapers and smiling TV commentators have been telling us for several months that the real estate market and economy are improving, and may soon return to pre-2006 growth rates. While I donít believe that for the economy in general or for real estate i...
Author: John Hill

The Terrible Twos: Avoiding Common IRS Tax Penalties

26th January 2011
If you canít pay what you owe to the IRS, file your tax return anyway. An odd piece of advice for some, but the savings will be worth it in the end. Two common penalties assessed by the IRS are the Failure to File (FTF) and Failure to Pay (FTP) penalties...
Author: taxconfirmation

Tax Return Calculator 2010 and Tax Refund Calculator 2010

26th January 2011
Filing your income taxes 2010 is never an easy work. There is no way to pass up it, so it is good to know how to make it superior for you. A tax estimator 2010 Ė 2011 is a good system to use when you want to get an idea of how much you owe in taxes and an...
Author: denialnichol

Federal Tax Form 1040 E file Your Federal Taxes

19th January 2011
Did you know you are not required to complete your IRS federal tax return before filing your FAFSA? It is a common misnomer that it is required when it is simply encouraged. However, there will be a question on the FAFSA about which IRS Tax Form you will ...
Author: denialnichol

Do Not Run Away from state tax filing online.

02nd November 2010
As the season of tax is approaching, multi of people having so many doubts about their state tax filing as well as federal tax filing for their previous year 2010-11. As per past observation of the US government people are runaway from their tax return o...
Author: taxreturnfiling
Bankruptcy Law

How To Protect College Funds In Bankruptcy

20th August 2010
The cost of a college education has skyrocketed in recent years and there appears to be no end to tuition increases. For the 2009-2010 school year, the average cost of a private four-year college was $26,273, up 4.4 percent from the previous year. The pe...
Author: Bass.Franklin
Criminal Law

Identity Theft Protection - Getting the Right Protection

27th April 2010
Shocking statistics are clearly showing that identity theft is on the rise. This crime affected almost 10,000,000 victims in 2008. And this is a 22% increase from the previous year. And 71% of id fraud happens within the week of a persons personal data ...
Author: B. Carson

How to Prepare For CLAT Exam?

07th January 2010
Many students who want to pursue a career in Law after class XII appear for CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) for 5 year integrated BA LLB Courses. There first question is How to Prepare for CLAT? Here are some tips to prepare for CLAT Entrance Exam. Un...
Author: Sonia

Learn Tips to Increase Your Tax Refund

21st December 2009
When you get ready to prepare your taxes or if you hire a NY certified public accountant to do it for you then you may sit there thinking about all the ways you could have saved your money this past year and how you should have done some things different ...
Author: Jonathan Medows, CPA

Tax Tip on The Gift Tax: Use It or Lose It

16th December 2009
One of the least-understood tax rules is the federal gift tax. Gift taxes are paid by the grantor, not the recipient. But taxes are seldom owed, even on substantial gifts, because everyone gets a credit that exempts up to $1 million of taxable gifts over...
Author: versatile

Does the Online Income Tax Accounting Software Really Help?

09th December 2009
During tax season there are several different ways to prepare your taxes. If you are living in Manhattan or New York, you may hire an accountant or CPA in New York, you may try to do them yourself by obtaining the right forms or going online to file, or y...
Author: Jonathan Medows, CPA

Tips for Preparing Your Taxes

12th November 2009
There are many steps to take if you are filing your own taxes. Make sure you follow all these steps to ensure that your taxes are filed correctly. Be Organized The process of being organized isn't supposed to start when you start filing your taxes. It s...
Author: W. Connor Brown
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