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Personal Injury

Concussion Legislation Could Save Lives

05th December 2011
Recent high-profile reports on the danger of concussions have lead many lawmakers nationwide to enact safety standards for youth sports. Sadly, these standards come too late for athletes like high school football players Jacob Snakenberg and Matthew Gfel...
Accident claims

Traffic Accidents Numerous but Declining

11th October 2011
Despite a steady increase in population and roadway traffic, the 2011 report by the Census Bureauís Statistical Abstract had some good news for drivers and passengers. Traffic accidents and fatalities have been consistently declining. The latest report, ...

Understanding Liability in Food Poisoning Claims

31st August 2010
n the wake of the massive egg recall that began earlier this month, the FDA has reported that more than a half-billion eggs have been recalled and destroyed which were linked to more than 1,000 cases of salmonella in the United States. Although officials ...