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Much to Learn from Canada Having Less Number of Foreclosures and Nil Bank Failures

24th October 2011
There is much to learn from Canada regarding housing matters – it has comparatively less number of foreclosures and nil bank failures as compared to USA. A fourth of residential houses in USA has gone underwater – the value of the property being le...
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If the Bank Illegally Tries to Wrest the House What is the Cost to Put up a Fight?

14th October 2011
If the bank illegally tries to wrest the house what is the cost to put up a fight? There are thousands who have lost their properties and failed to follow up their rights to pursue a financial understanding because they were afraid of the costs and legal ...
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Foreclosure Tsunami Strikes the U.S

04th October 2011
A tsunami seems to have struck the US. As homes increasingly fall prey to foreclosure notices; it really appears that there is a huge tidal wave that threatens the real estate market. People are increasingly giving up homes – these homes have run u...
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Foreclosed Economy Puts a Dad in Natick on to a New Path

01st June 2011
The foreclosed economy has put a dad in Natick City, Massachusetts on to a new path. Each day figures and statistics are rolling in about persons unemployed and houses foreclosed but something else is happening – the minds of people, for better or w...
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What is Foreclosure?

27th May 2011
The process of foreclosure may seem to hard to grasp for people who do not work inside the industry of banking; however, it is simply quite similar to a tube. People are placed inside of tubes when they are ninety days late. And, if they are lucky, the...
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Foreclosed Home Sales Increased to 5.36 Million

19th May 2011
The real estate scenario is in a worrisome state. Foreclosures are high. In January, many people bought homes that had been occupied by others earlier. Investors are making all cash purchases. The number of buyers who bought homes for the first time...
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Foreclosure World Captured in a Crime Thriller!

19th April 2011
Art reflects the time and the age. ‘The Fifth Witness’ authored by Michael Connelly is one such piece of crime fiction through which the current environment has filtered through. Connelly has depicted the foreclosure crisis in this superb novel – hi...
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In Most of the Foreclosure Cases the Borrowers do Not Turn Up but When They Contest the Trouble Star

02nd March 2011
The processing methods of LPS and other allied firms are defective and yet why do the banks continue to use its services? False statements are produced by the computer regarding the dollars that are due, and the entity who is debtor; on top of this ...
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Liabilities Right After Foreclosure

02nd March 2011
Most homeowner is not aware that right after foreclosure problem, the crisis is not yet done. There are negative effects right after foreclosure and all homeowners should know about this thing. There are lots of liabilities that you need to face right ...
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Drop in Valuation is Affecting the Houses that are Not in Foreclosure

05th February 2011
The appraisal laws are becoming stringent because during the boom the hiking up of the valuation of house led to the chaos. The appraisers got their assignments from the mortgage brokers who gained from the escalating prices. The appraisers had a fr...
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Historic House Covered with Foreclosure Mould

05th February 2011
Mould is covering the drywall, the floors and walls of historic abandoned residences in old Philadelphia gnawing into its heart. There are thousand of such units peppering suburban ghostly townships except this time it is in one of the streets that ...