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Recover data from USB drives

10th February 2012
After the invention of USB, portability in the device s increased dramatically. For the USB, plug and play option was enabled and people can just attach their device to any computer with USB ports working and start their work. Among the devices pen drive ...
Author: niteshahir
Business Law

Patent Illustration Service from the Patent Draftsman at DPR Patent Drafting

14th June 2011
Even though this may perhaps seem to be aged fashioned, it is the least pricey and is truly how the patent office prefers them, great and uncomplicated. You are going to require to understand common drawing tactics to do this.If color is necessary to ac...
Author: Alva Becker
Business Law

Get your car loaded with a LCD Monitor

26th February 2011
Whether you're a frequent road tripper or prefer to stick around town, there is nothing comparable to the freedom that comes with having access to your very own car. The convenience and independence they bring is not a given, however a vehicle's trustwort...
Author: rachantani
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Patent Lawyer

17th January 2011
Intellectual Property plays a big role in our modern life and activities. Everyday there are new inventions related to agriculture, health and medicines, locomotives and telecommunications. These inventions are protected by Patents - an important are...
Author: Biswajit Sarkar
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Use IP Lawyers to Protect International Patents

05th January 2011
If you are thinking about getting involved in an international business using patented, copyrighted or trademarked products or ideas then you should seriously consider hiring intellectual property or IP lawyers who have experienced in this area. Indeed...
Author: Tim Bishop
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Filing Your Patent Online

08th December 2010
A lot of people have great ideas but never take the next step in developing those ideas.Nothing strange about any of that, a lot of great minds first had trouble taking the first step. The one thing you want to avoid is giving your invention to some comp...
Author: Frank Chen
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Should I File a Patent Applicaiton

08th December 2010
Should I file a patent application online for my invention?To all the inventors out there just like me. This is something that only you can decide for yourself. Don't let other inventors or a bunch of forums filled with bad advice tell you this or that....
Author: Frank Chen
Business Law

If you're not ready to file a patent application

06th December 2010
This is a cool article I found at Patent UFO www.patentufo.comSo, you have a new idea for something awesome. Perhaps, it's something many people will want? Great! Now what?Many will tell you if it's worth anything, you must patent your invention. That...
Author: Harold Cohen
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19th November 2010
Innovation helps us all. Your hard earned invention can help millions of people live better lives or function and operate easier. Whether it is a Medical Device Invention or some other form of business, personal, or lifestyle invention you want to ma...
Author: TomJacobsen
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Know the right way to choose a good patent lawyer

14th July 2010
Every invention or idea of invention is the property of the inventor. Ethically it belongs to him/her. However, it is essential to obtain legal rights on it as well. This is to ensure that your invention is protected from unauthorized use. This protection...
Author: craig23

Four Essential Components of Patents

08th July 2010
Getting a patent sounds easy, but in reality it isn't. There are many hoops you must jump through to get your patent approved. Here are four components you must have included to get your patent approved. The invention must be novel Being novel means tha...
Author: Optimize4you

Process of Freedom to Operate Search.

07th July 2010
Freedom to operate (FTO) search is also known as 'Freedom to practice' (FTP) or 'Product clearance' search. As the name suggests, it is understood that a freedom to operate is the option or the right that makes you free from all legal obstacles to comm...
Author: Legal Advantage
Accident claims

Changes in Legislation Regarding Toronto Car Accidents

14th May 2010
The industry of cars grew after years of existence. Nowadays, the production of cars multiplied in numbers as compared to the year that the car was first introduced. Cars are now part of our daily lives and they became necessities. Manufacturers of car...
Author: James
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IPR Law Firms – Copyright Prosecution, Patent Renewal and Trademark Registration Services in India

06th April 2010
Patent registration is one of the well known company services in India that includes preventing and protecting the unauthorized selling, copy, use or importing of services or product of any kind innovatively invented. Patent term is used for granting a le...
Author: Mukesh Kumar Thakur
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Law Firms with Patent Trademark Registration Services

06th April 2010
Patent Registration is an exclusive right that aims at preventing and protecting the unauthorized selling, use and importing of the service, product or process innovatively invented. Patent registration is given for specific number of years to the invento...
Author: Mukesh Kumar Thakur
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