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Recover data from USB drives

10th February 2012
By niteshahir in Business Law
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After the invention of USB, portability in the device s increased dramatically. For the USB, plug and play option was enabled and people can just attach their device to any computer with USB ports working and start their work. Among the devices pen drive or flash drive or memory sticks are portable storage devices that are very handy. These portable storage devices are very small in size, therefore portable; some are less than one inch to highest 4-5 inches long. Their storage capacity was at first very small but now it has increased rapidly and can be found in even 32 GB or 64 GB.
As you can travel around with a storage device, it is extremely useful. And the above mentioned plug and play option has made it popular to everyone. With this portable, easy to use and great capacity for storage, everyone now a day uses pen drives. Many carry it around their pocketand keep personal and important data within so that so that they can access it whenever needed. It is a great tool for sharing. You can just send you data to your pen drive and take it to your friends and family for sharing those data.

With the obvious benefits that it provides there is little vulnerabilities that it poses. As the pen drives are used frequently and used in all types of computers, it is more prone to data loss and corruption. If we keep aside the accidentally deleting data or formatting pen drive, still then there are potential ways that can cause pen drives to lose data.
After the pen drives came into being, viruses were and still are designed to be carried around from pen drive to pen drive and through them, from computer to computer. While this viruses attack a pen rive they usually delete the data within the pen drive or corrupt them. Therefore the data loss we are talking about occurs.
Whenever you attach a pen drive to a computer there will be an option for removing that pen drive safely. Many of us do not use that option and not using that option is a reason for data loss. If you use that option, computer checks if the pen drive is in use by the OS (Operating System) or if there are any system works being done with that pen drive. If positive then the OS wonít let you remove the pen drive. But as we donít use it, the process of OS is interrupted and data loss happens. Same thing can happen if you remove your pen drive right from the USB port while transferring data from or to pen drive. Data may get lost or get corrupted by that way. A little caution can help you avoid these sorts of situations.

Even then data loss can happen. If it does, do not worry. There are still ways to get your data back. You have to use USB Recovery software to do that. I would recommend Data Recovery by Wondershare as it is a powerful recovery tool and very easy to use.
If you face a data loss, do not use that pen drive until you recover those lost data, otherwise the lost data may get overwritten.

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