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Changes in Legislation Regarding Toronto Car Accidents

14th May 2010
By James in Accident claims
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The industry of cars grew after years of existence. Nowadays, the production of cars multiplied in numbers as compared to the year that the car was first introduced. Cars are now part of our daily lives and they became necessities. Manufacturers of cars didn't imagine that the invention will someday be the reason for high death toll and will turn the roads into dangerous places. Well it is not really the great number of cars which are present and travelling on the street which causes the increased instances of car accidents. It is the recklessness and irresponsibility of drivers that lead them to road mishaps. One of the reasons why Toronto car accidents are prevalent is because of the influence of alcohol while driving. People should know that there are some changes when it comes to drunk driving laws in Toronto.

The original rules when it comes to drunk driving states that it is an offense if the driver was discovered to have in alcohol excess in the blood alcohol(BAC). This is with regards to the set normal alcohol level which is .08 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milliliters of blood. A breath sample is also needed for investigation, thus refusal to give one is an offense too. Drivers were able to get through with these rules because of the two-beer defense that they have.

Most of the drivers will say that they only consumed two beers and the one in the breath test is the last beer that was consumed shortly before the test. This two-beer defense was abolished by the new federal legislation. In accordance with the new rule, driver can now question the breathalyzer results but they should present technical evidence that the equipment was not functioning well during the test. Some lawyers questioned this rule because it is hard to present technical evidences.

All the information regarding the machine is not available to casual drivers so they cannot protect themselves.

With this change regarding various Toronto car accidents, drivers now have narrower scope when it comes to defending themselves and this is in a positive light for the police officers. Now, they don't have to rely on temporary license suspensions. provide services for car accident in Toronto, Toronto car accidents, Toronto sports injury, physiotherapy Toronto and more.
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