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Get your car loaded with a LCD Monitor

26th February 2011
By rachantani in Business Law
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Whether you're a frequent road tripper or prefer to stick around town, there is nothing comparable to the freedom that comes with having access to your very own car. The convenience and independence they bring is not a given, however a vehicle's trustworthiness is equivalent to the work that is put in to its care and updating. Driving around with a vehicle that has old audio system and a boring display screen makes a negative impact on your driving interests because everyone wants to ameliorate his/her interest of driving and that’s why they put certain accessories with their cars and these accessories are need to be updated with respect to time.
Life has changed a lot with the improvement in technology. Television, which is used by people as a source of entertainment was earlier considered luxury, but now it has become a necessity. Television from the day of invention has evolved and now there are different models with different price ranges available for the customers. Only few years ago USB supported audio players replaced MP3 audio players and now LCD display with Bluetooth, GPS and windows 7 is gaining popularity among other respective electronic accessories.

We the Revosys Inc. are here to provide consumers with the most reliable & robust mobile information and entertainment technologies. The Revosys Inc. team and it’s all members’ combines’ years of experience in new product innovation and customer care. Our talented team of professionals offers fresh & creative ideas to support you with a winning, cost-effective solution and a devoted Customer Service Support. Revosys Inc. incorporates established technologies from around the world, bringing it to places where it is considered new and innovative or to industries where these technologies have never been implemented.
One of our user gave us a review about our product-“It’s physical build seem pretty good. I actually really like it. The monitor performs fairly well in direct sunlight. Sadly it performs better than the non optically bonded transflective mo-co-so Lilliput monitor. I'm still SUPER surprised by that since this monitor has no transflective coating. Anyway the monitor performs well. I connected the mic output to an andrea mic to usb module and with the noise canceling that works pretty well. I'm still using CF2.1 so the voice commands are pretty poor. I'll upgrade to 3.1 soon enough. I have tested the radio, its not integrated into the computer rather it is completely separate. I'm also using its amplifier and it is just great. We have just released the IntelliTaxi V5 system: an all-in-one interactive taxi Panel PC for passenger advertising loaded with Bluetooth, GPS and a windows 7 operated computer!

If money is a problem when purchasing a LCD display, you should not worry because with the long selection in the market, you will surely get one at our place that matches not only your budget but also your taste. So if you are ready to upgrade your car to a new high-tech one then you must visit our website
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