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08th December 2010
By Frank Chen in Copyright & Trademark
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A lot of people have great ideas but never take the next step in developing those ideas.

Nothing strange about any of that, a lot of great minds first had trouble taking the first step. The one thing you want to avoid is giving your invention to some company that promises to make you millions on TV while you sit back and do nothing. It doesn't work like that. You have to know the market and research the market for your product. But first watch out for your product protection. The question is do you need a patent?

If you're still unsure you should file a patent, you should first read this bit about filing a patent application.

It's perfectly OK to be taken back by so much out there and not being sure what to do. Filing a provisional applicaiton might not be a big deal and it doesn't cost you much. But the process of filing a utility applicaiton is a very long journey and will take a significant amount of money to get yo started.

I just want to follow up on my past articles with something new. Take the time to research what it is you have to do, or what makes filing your patent worth the cost.

The internet is filled with great information. But so much information to go through can seem overwhelming. You need to speak with other inventors or better yet find a good dependable site that provides you with good, reliable information on the whole patent process. And don't forget to look around to see who can provide you with good quality service when you want to prepare and then file your patent applicaiton online.

There's a ton to take in. Is a provisional application ideal for you? do you know that provisional patents don't actually exist and that you will have to file a utility application in 1 year? or should you go straight for a utility app?

Even if you decide that filing a patent application can wait, you will want to know your time limits and you better read about how to file your patent application online.

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